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  • RE: Can the AD5735 be used in single supply configuration?

    Hi Lionel,

    Both the AD5755 and AD5735 have the -Vsense Buffer, no issues here but my response earlier covers both these products. A bipolar supply is required at all times.

    The AD5755-1 replaces it with CHART for HART functionality.

    The AD5757 and…

  • RE: Parallel outputs of AD5737 for additional current drive?

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    其中 电感没有10uh的  目前用1uh的在调试,其他的均和原理图一样。问题找了好久都没有结果,希望能够尽快恢复!!谢谢!!不胜感激!!

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  • RE: As for your HART DAC AD5410

    Hi Kaos,

    Happy to help.

    I meant to add that the customer should look at the:

    AD5755-1 16-Bit current and voltage output DAC

    AD5757    16-Bit current only output DAC

    AD5737    12-Bit current only output DAC

    These products have a dedicated HART pin to…

  • Using the AD5755 family in Applications Without Dynamic Power Control

    For applications that do not require Dynamic Power Control it is possible to set up the AD5755 family of products without the use of the DC-to-DC converter. This reduces the number of external components required and is useful for low power applications…

  • What is the difference between the AD5755, AD5757, and AD5755-1

    What is the difference between the AD5755, AD5757, and AD5755-1?