• AD5724R


  • RE: Need help to find out 3.3V, 12-bit, bipolar input (+/-10V range) ADC

    Hi Kiran,

    The AD5724R would be a possible option in this case, as well as the AD5726.

    They are both serial interface, quad DACs with compatible functionality to the DAC7615.

    The AD5724R, as opposed to the AD5726, offers the SDO pin with which the…

  • RE: 求推荐一款芯片

    可以看一下 AD5724R AD5732R AD5734R

  • RE: AD5724R发热?


  • Migrating from AD5724 to AD5724R

    Hello, We just started working with an updated design which now uses an AD5724R but it does not work properly. I cannot set output voltages, especially negative voltages, but the previous design which used an AD5724 with an external reference works just…

  • RE: Question about AD5724 Power Control Register

    Hi Ivan,

    I'm using AD5724, not AD5724R. The AD5724 data sheet Table 26 is showing that DB4 is set to 0.



  • RE: AD5724 vitesse SPI


    My query is as follow. The datasheet of the AD5724R gives a maximum SPI transfer of up to 30MHz.

    Is that speed - as I guess - is for 1x24-bit transfer or the 4x24-bit?



  • AD5724R输出失效


  • AD5722R, NC pins have 2 additional working DAC channel outputs (same as AD5724R)

    I found out in my prototype board that the 2 channnel DAC AD5722R really has 4
    useable DAC channels (same pinout and function as the 4 channel DAC AD5724R)
    All 4 channels are working on AD5722R, the additional DAC channels 3 and 4 are