• Different Vout from AD5721R in different packages?

    We have a design using the AD5721R DAC for controlling a VGA.

    In our former designs, we used the 16-Lead TSSOP package, and experienced that we had to multiply the Vout-value-formula (Datasheet Rev-C, page 25) by 4 to achieve the correct Vout voltage…

  • AD5721R Qualified

    Hi Dear, 

    I want to use the AD5721R for controlling the Bias Voltage control on MZM Laser. I need to know if this device suport any qualified norms, or if it can be used as a Automotive application. I was looking for DAC with positive and negative range…

  • AD5721R Output Range vs Supply Voltage

    I can't find an "output swing" vs supply voltage spec for the AD5721R, only a list of its selectable output ranges and its max/min supply voltages.

    My question is how much if any "overhead" do I need to provide in the analog supplies in…

  • AD5721R Circuit Implementation Questions

    I'm hoping that I can just keep posting questions in here as I get them and people with experience with this chip or similar and circuit design can chime in and help.

    So here's the goal.  I will be pairing this chip with a Teensy LC in a vehicle…

  • oscillating output AD5721R

    Hi everybody,

    i've a problem with an AD5721R controlled by an FPGA. When I update the output from input register (i'm trying to have a continuous voltage) the output starts to oscillate.

    In the attached file there's a print from scope where i…

  • AD5721R

    AD5721R fits our application concerning its specifications, 0-10V, +/-10V output etc. but we require the input data rate is higher because the 10 MHz sine wave signal is converted by ADC and after software processing it is convered to analog signal that…

  • AD5721R芯片SDO管脚输出不正常






  • [AD5761R/AD5721R]Eval Schematic


    I would like to make clear about EVAL schematic of AD5761R/AD5721R.

    According to UG-751


    Page 7, pin#9 is connected to GND with CAP.

    But Datasheet…

  • For the AD5721R what mode should I select if I use VDD=+5.5V and VSS=-5.5V to generate a  +/-4.5V Vout? Shall I use m=8 and c=4 ( +/-10V range) or m=4 and c=2 ( +/-5V range) ?

    The transfer function is:

    #AD5721R range setup

    Vout can not reach +/- 10V if VDD=+5.5V and VSS=-5.5V. Vout can only reach +/-4.5V due to the 1V drop. But how shall I program RA to get +/-4.5V Vout?

    The documentation states that the register RA is…

  • AD5761/21/R FAQ

    Q1. What external devices does the part require to operate as spec’d in the datasheet?

    A1. The AD5761R/AD5721R are 16-/12-bit Voltage output DAC which integrate a 2.5V 2ppm/˚C typical internal reference as well as reference and output buffers. The…