• AD5700/AD5700-1 "A and B models?"

    The AD5700/AD5700-1 data sheet states that specifications apply to both A and B models ( i.e. "all specifications are from -40°C to +125°C and relate to both A and B models, unless otherwise noted"), but I'm unable to ferret-out what distinguishes between…

  • Difference between AD5700 and AD5700-1

    What is the difference between the AD5700 & AD5700-1 products?

  • RE: Action of your AD5700-1

    Hi Kaos,

    With the duplex pin asserted, /RTS @ ground, and HART_OUT connected to HART_IN, CD will be high.

    This FAQ on the duplex mode of the AD5700/AD5700-1 may also be of interest to you:

    FAQ: AD5700/AD5700-1 & Full Duplex Operation



  • FAQ: AD5700/AD5700-1 & Full Duplex Operation


    Can the AD5700/AD5700-1 support Full Duplex Operation?



    HART is, by nature, half duplex. It uses one channel (one pair of wires) for both directions. If one side is transmitting…

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 Clear To Send (CTS)


    The HART Protocol Token-Passing Data Link Layer Specification (HCF_SPEC-81 Revision 8.2) talks about Service Access Points (SAPs) that must be supported by a field device.

    One of the Physical Layer SAPs is described as follows:


  • Key features of the AD5700/AD5700-1 HART Modem

    What are the key features of the AD5700 & AD5700-1 HART Modem products?

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 Input Z to HART_IN Pin?

    I'm not finding any input specification (or application examples) for the HART_IN pin that implies its input z and/or bias current requirements.  Specifically, I'm wanting to use the part's internal filter option and am undecided how to apply protection…

  • AD5700-1 HART_OUT connection

    I use EVAL-AD5700-1EBZ to connect to RSET of EVAL-AD5422LFEBZ based on the description in the section 'Circuit Evaluation & Test' in the following page.


  • AD5700-1 and AD5422 for HART

    I designed the circuit based on CN0278 and replaced AD5422 LFCSP version with TSSOP version.

    AT HART_OUT pin, I can observe 500mVp-p signal, but at RSET pin, the signal is attenuated a lot and

    the signal only has 50mVp-p swing. Judging from the CN0278…

  • AD5700-1 Supply Voltage

    I am not achieving the 1.71V minimum supply voltage specified for the AD5700-1.

    The lowest I can achieve is 1.83V while the device is still outputting a modulated signal. Any lower (1.827V) and the signal disappears completely. This is measured at the…