• AD5700 / CN0267


    Currently I work on HART protocol, for that I use eval-boards : EVAL-AD5700ABZ (EVAL-AD5700) and DEMO-AD5700-D2Z (CN0267).
    I can't find a complete schematic of the Complete 4 mA to 20 mA Loop with HART Interface. More exactly datasheets explain…

  • AD5700 Demo Board

    Hi ,

    Is there way to test HART transmitter between 2 Demo boards .

    Or master code for ADUCM360.

    Thanking you

    With best regards

  • AD5700初始化

    我们采用了其他品牌的cortex-M3单片机,参考CN0267设计。 我们使用的是AD5700-1,我在参考“DEMO-AD5700D2Z.uvproj”来做自己的设计。 但是,我时钟没搞明白,AD5700是怎么做初始化,并且进行数据操作的。在使用内部晶振时,CLK_CFG0需要置0,CLK_CFG1置1.这个应该用单片机的管脚输出高低电平来控制吗? 其他部分呢, 是只要硬件设计正确,AD5700上电之后,单片机不需要发送什么命令来驱动完成初始化吗?

  • AD5700没工作


  • Incorrect clock configuration AD5700


    Is it possible to use AD5700 with external clock source 3.6864 MHz to the XTAL 1, when

    1) ~XTAL_EN = 0

    2) CLK_CFG1 = 1

    3) CLK_CFG0 = 1


    The device will soon be launched into production, and I don't know whether to urgently fix or leave as is…

  • AD5700: HART Manufacturing ID

    If i am using your HART modem IC can I use your Manufacturer ID in the HART


    The manufacturer ID and manufacturers ID codes are assigned by the Hart
    Communication Foundation (HCF), and are related to the end device, not to the…
  • AD5700 RTS switch


    I was reading "https://ez.analog.com/data_converters/precision_dacs/w/documents/3460/purpose-of-the-switch-on-the-rts---hart_5f00_out-line" document and I didn't understand below sentence.

    "If there was no external switch, then the…



    HARTOUT in AD5700  connect 4-20 measurement circuit. (not connect 4-20mADAC)

    HARTOUT voltage is over  absolute maximum rating in some sequence.

    Are there some reference circuit? 

  • AD5700 UART problem

    Hello everybody,

    I have a problem with starting of AD5700 chip. The schematics you can see below:

    HART schematics

    And on the TX  (Pin10 RXD) i have the folowing signal:

    RXD Pin 10

    And the CD (Pin 6):


    The soldering is clear. have no idea. Please contribute to solving my problem…

  • CLKOUT of AD5700

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer will use your CLKOUT pin as open for checking motion when AD5700 doesn't work.

    When it is the enable condition, the internal oscillator work and increase the current I know. Also the switching noise for oscillation…