• Difference between AD5700 and AD5700-1

    What is the difference between the AD5700 & AD5700-1 products?

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 & Full Duplex Operation


    Can the AD5700/AD5700-1 support Full Duplex Operation?



    HART is, by nature, half duplex. It uses one channel (one pair of wires) for both directions. If one side is transmitting and…

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 "A and B models?"

    The AD5700/AD5700-1 data sheet states that specifications apply to both A and B models ( i.e. "all specifications are from -40°C to +125°C and relate to both A and B models, unless otherwise noted"), but I'm unable to ferret-out what distinguishes between…

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 Clear To Send (CTS)


    The HART Protocol Token-Passing Data Link Layer Specification (HCF_SPEC-81 Revision 8.2) talks about Service Access Points (SAPs) that must be supported by a field device.

    One of the Physical Layer SAPs is described as follows:


  • Key features of the AD5700/AD5700-1 HART Modem

    What are the key features of the AD5700 & AD5700-1 HART Modem products?

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 RXD Activity After HART Carrier Off

    Referring to Figure 6, this plot is used to demonstrate “Carrier detect off” time (t5 in Table 3 of the datasheet). This is the time from carrier (i.e. HART signal) off to the CD signal falling edge. The time is 6 bit times max. The RXD signal behavior…

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 Input Z to HART_IN Pin?

    I'm not finding any input specification (or application examples) for the HART_IN pin that implies its input z and/or bias current requirements.  Specifically, I'm wanting to use the part's internal filter option and am undecided how to apply protection…

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 Rx/Tx Pin Z in Power-down and Powered Off?

    Are the AD5700/AD5700-1 Rx and Tx pins in hi-z (essentially benign) when the part is powered-off and/or held in reset?

  • ?Recommended switch device for HART_OUT and RTS signal line at Figure28. on AD5700/AD5700-1 datasheet page 17


    About AD5700-1,

    According to datasheet page17 Fig 28 circuit, there is a switch for HART_OUT and RTS signal line go to FIELD INSTRUMENT Line.

    Do we have any recommended switch device for this?

    Hopefully, a recommended device will strong for…

  • AD5700 Protocols

    Would you be able to advise on using the AD5700 for protocols other than HART?
    Does the AD5700 simply convert RS-232 to Bell 202 and vice versa, or does it
    only respond to HART encoded data?

    Just to clarify, although the…