• Difference between AD5700 and AD5700-1

    What is the difference between the AD5700 & AD5700-1 products?

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 & Full Duplex Operation


    Can the AD5700/AD5700-1 support Full Duplex Operation?



    HART is, by nature, half duplex. It uses one channel (one pair of wires) for both directions. If one side is transmitting and…

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 "A and B models?"

    The AD5700/AD5700-1 data sheet states that specifications apply to both A and B models ( i.e. "all specifications are from -40°C to +125°C and relate to both A and B models, unless otherwise noted"), but I'm unable to ferret-out what distinguishes between…

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 Clear To Send (CTS)


    The HART Protocol Token-Passing Data Link Layer Specification (HCF_SPEC-81 Revision 8.2) talks about Service Access Points (SAPs) that must be supported by a field device.

    One of the Physical Layer SAPs is described as follows:


  • Key features of the AD5700/AD5700-1 HART Modem

    What are the key features of the AD5700 & AD5700-1 HART Modem products?

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 RXD Activity After HART Carrier Off

    Referring to Figure 6, this plot is used to demonstrate “Carrier detect off” time (t5 in Table 3 of the datasheet). This is the time from carrier (i.e. HART signal) off to the CD signal falling edge. The time is 6 bit times max. The RXD signal behavior…

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 Input Z to HART_IN Pin?

    I'm not finding any input specification (or application examples) for the HART_IN pin that implies its input z and/or bias current requirements.  Specifically, I'm wanting to use the part's internal filter option and am undecided how to apply protection…

  • AD5700/AD5700-1 Rx/Tx Pin Z in Power-down and Powered Off?

    Are the AD5700/AD5700-1 Rx and Tx pins in hi-z (essentially benign) when the part is powered-off and/or held in reset?

  • ?Recommended switch device for HART_OUT and RTS signal line at Figure28. on AD5700/AD5700-1 datasheet page 17


    About AD5700-1,

    According to datasheet page17 Fig 28 circuit, there is a switch for HART_OUT and RTS signal line go to FIELD INSTRUMENT Line.

    Do we have any recommended switch device for this?

    Hopefully, a recommended device will strong for…

  • RE: Using AD74413R with AD5700


    Apologies for missing this item. I am not sure if it still relevant to you that this question will be answered, However, we are clearing up some open items in our community and ensure that any query is located on its proper community as others who have…