• AD5696R  I2C SDA stuck on GND


    I have a problem with the i2c Interface of the AD5696R.

    I wrote a test procedure with the intention to test my read an write function for an EEPROM which shares the bus with two of these DACs and some other IC. This functions  sends multiple bytes…

  • AD5696R LDAC Register control

    I have the hardware LDAC pin tied to Vdd, I.e. high.  When I write data to a DAC input register, no output occurs (command 0001).  If I then update the DAC’s register (command 0010) the output for that channel occurs.  This is expected behaviour.  

  • AD5696R datasheet error and question about Update DAC command


    I'm writing software to interface with this DAC and have a couple of questions:

    1. The datasheet, rev D, on page 19 and 20 lays out the Input Shift Register Contents for the three products in the family.  Can someone confirm that the labels for figure…
  • RE: AD5696R Software reset (power-on reset)

    I expect I must be getting an ACK on the device and command bytes as the don't care bytes are transmitted - I'm using the Arduino Wire framework so just write the 4 bytes and don't worry about how Wire does that: it returns 'NACK' when I endTransmission…

  • Reading the AD5696R

    I am investigating a problem we are having with reading from the AD5696R. When following the "read operation" procedure, the value returned is nearly always 0x91. I attached a Corelis BusPro-I I2C monitor to the EVAL-AD5696RSDZ and performed…

  • the update rate of the AD5696R



    I see that the update rate of the AD5696R is 2.5Msps from the selection Table.

    but I don't find the parameter from the data sheet of AD5696R.Could you tell me something about update rate and how

     to get it?




  • RE: AD5696R  I2C SDA stuck on GND

    Hi Magda,

    Thanks for your reply.

    You can also ask the distributor regarding the availability, in that way they can ask their contact.

    At the same time kindly send a query here.



  • AD5696R multiple write

    Hello. Could AD5696R work in multiple write mode like AD5667 ?

    Our customer connect  AD5667  to slave address and send some blocks  (each 24bit - command+data) and then STOP.

    SLAVE ADDRESS - (comand+data)-(comand+data)-(comand+data)-........(comand+data…

  • AD5696R



    I couldn't receive reply.

    So I copy this as new discussion.


    It is difficult for us to understand AD5696R I2C READ operation on figure 51.

    Because all of the ACT by MASTER.

    I would like to confirm a thing. Is it possible for you to check…