• RE: AD5689 Maximum Voltage Reference Load


    Yes, you may use the internal reference voltage of AD5689R as an external reference voltage for AD5689.

    AD5689R can drive up to 10mA load and the  AD5689's reference current is only 90uA (using gain =1).
    hope that answers your question!


  • RE: AD5689R the right choice?

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  • SDO pin of AD5689R?


    AD5689R will be on an SPI bus with other devices. They will share a common SDO line to the SPI master.

    Question, Is its SDO pin a tri-state output? Or, an external tri-state buffer is needed?



  • Is power down cirsuits in AD5689R?

    Hello AD5689R include Power donw cicruit with normal and  three-state output mode. my question is.

    This mechanism can be used as a switch, for connect and disconnect DAC to amplifier?

    For example DAC is in tree-state,

    I set DAC on 2,5V over LDAC pin…

  • RE: [AD6589R]Does SDO pin go Hi-Z during SYNC high?

    Hi Sofy-san,

    Could you verify that this is AD6589R? It may have been a typo but you might be referring to the AD5689R but I could be mistaken. Could you verify this?



  • AD5689R输出异常

    我正在调试AD5689R,出现一些问题:我使用一个FOR循环写入0 ~ 65535,通过命令0011写DACA 和DACB同时输出,使用内部基准电压,通过万用表测量发现:VoutA=0v, VoutB从2.5~5V输出。请求高人指教,谢谢

  • How Power-on reset work on AD5689R?


    I have several question about AD5689R Power-on reset and power up sequence.


    1)What function is the Command 0110 for this software reset ?

    Is it the same function for Hardware reset (/RESET) with RSTSEL pin? ,or register is clear/default?

  • 电池充放电管理模块芯片的购买咨询


  • RE: AD56899R software LDAC update all ?

    Hi ,

    There is no direct equivalent of "Write to input register n, update all" of AD5663 on AD5689R.

    However, if you plan to update all DAC outputs (A and B) together, you can use command "0011" with address command "1001" to select both channels…

  • RE: What is real noise performance of nanodac/nanodac+?

    Hi There,

    The AD5689 output spectral noise should be 100nV/rtHz, not 300nV/rtHz. This is an edit that we are currently working on as part of an update to the data sheet for that product.

    In the AD5689R, figure 12, the vertical scale on the plot should…