• AD5689 power management?


    I have a question about the power management of AD5689.

    Is it possible to power VDD and VLOGIC independent of each other?

    That means I would like to shut down VLOGIC if the device is not in use.

    I know that there are Power Down Modes but i…

  • Problems with AD5689

    Hi guys,

    I made a board with a little routing mistake. I routed /RESET to GND. I don't know if my workaround was successful because i get no voltage at the DACs output.

    Do I get back no data from the MISO by default?

    Can it be that the module…

  • 24bit SPI AD5689

    DACI have a spicontroller that I  am selecting in 12bit mode but writing to a 24 bit device  AD5689RBRUZ do I have to use Slave Select or will a independant device select be sufficient. I am getting a output but can not get accurate control.  I am asserting…

  • AD5689 Maximum Voltage Reference Load

    It is possible to uses an internal voltage reference as exhobited in AD5689R also for another ICs within one project.

    How much current it can delivery. I just want two uses two DACs, one with build in Ref Voltage (AD5689R) and one without internal Vref…

  • Is the AD5689 gain pin a logic pin?


    Is the AD5689 gain select pin classed as a logic pin?

    The datasheet says to tie it to VLOGIC or GND, but can I drive it externally as long as I obey the thresholds as shown in Table 2?

    The relevant part from Table 2:

    Thanks for the help.

  • AD5689: High low frequency noise (0.1 -10Hz)


    Im using an AD5689 16 bit DAC to create DC bias current source, as indicated in the following picture and I'm detecting a high level of low frequency noise.

    I represented L1 as an inductor for simplicity but  it is a filter with an high…

  • AD5689输出电压需要一段时间后才稳定的问题?




            AD5689_WriteUpdate_DACREG(DAC_A,1000); // output

            HAL_Delay(10); // delay 10ms


            AD5689_WriteUpdate_DACREG(DAC_A,50000); // output

            HAL_Delay(10); // delay 10ms



  • RE: EVAL-AD5689RSDZ user guide and evaluation software


  • RE: AD568x true DAC architecture

    Hi Michael.

    I understand your position but as for me I prefer that structure would be described as it is in reality. Some differences between two discussed structures may be observed in noise performance, modulation bandwidth code related effects, stability…

  • What is real noise performance of nanodac/nanodac+?

    There are many mismatches in noise characteristics found in datasheets of nanodac and nanodac+ families.

    Let's examine AD5689R one first.

    DAC output NSD (DAC code = midscale, 10 kHz; gain = 2) is 300 nV/√Hz and LF noise 6 µV p-p. With gain 2 and…