• CONNECTION ERROR: AD5686R Evaluation Board was not detected

    SDP board(EVAL-SDP-CS1Z) is detected by both software and the led on SDP board blinks. But error AD5686R Evaluation Board(EVAL-AD5686RSDZ) was not detected appears after that.

    Tired 2 software;


    1. AD5684R Evaluation Software( CD came with EVAL-AD5686RSDZ…

  • Is it ok to put capacitors on the AD5686R reference output?

    The AD5686R has a very nice internal reference that I want to use as a reference throughout my board. This includes a SAR ADC which recommends a 1µF ceramic on its Ref input, to absorb the fast transients created during conversion. However, I don't know…

  • AD5686R的转换数据有误



    AD568X_SYNC= 0;   //片选信号
    AD568X_InternalVoltageReference(AD568X_INT_REF_OFF);    //使用外部参考电压
    AD568X_SYNC= 1;

    AD568X_SYNC= 0;

  • AD5686R/AD5685R/AD5684R


    I have just implemented AD5685R in a new design however when powering up the system the AD5685R circuit (TSSOP16) get very hot.

    If I strip of everything surrounding the circuit except for connecting 5V to Vdd and pin 10 (GAIN) and 0V to GND…

  • RE: AD5686R Voltage Ref Accuracy

    ColinL 's Questions was what I was also wondering about.. And your answer was Great.. Earlier I had seen the

        AD5686 but concentrated  on the AD5686R datasheet thinking that the chip without a Ref was probably an

        older design model....  NOW I see…

  • AD5686R 3 lines control

    Sorry for primitive questons.

    I would like to use AD5686R by minimum control lines.
    FPGA controls only 3 pins ,SYNCb,SCLK,SDIN.
    Other lines will be fixed,LDACb = GND , RESETb = Vlogic, RSTSEL = GND, example.

    Could I have any comment or attention about…

  • N channel low current sensing after biasing with AD5686

    Hi folks,

    I have a question regarding multichannel current sensing. First a description of the application: So far I have the AD5686R as a 16 bit, 4-channel precision voltage source (0-5V). At each channel of the voltage source I connect a 50kOhm resistor…

  • RE: AD5644 Full Scale Question

    Hi Andrei, 

    This was from an older DAC design. The more recent ones like AD5686R/AD5685R/AD5684R (Rev. E) (analog.com) has the output amplifier gain independent from the reference source. 



  • FAQs: DAC Daisy Chain

    Q: How to configure multiple ADXXXX DACs in daisy chain mode?

    A: A figure on the data sheet shows how to connect multiple devices in daisy chain mode. The SDO of the first device on the chain is connected to the SDI of the next device until the SDO of…