• AD5686R/AD5685R/AD5684R


    I have just implemented AD5685R in a new design however when powering up the system the AD5685R circuit (TSSOP16) get very hot.

    If I strip of everything surrounding the circuit except for connecting 5V to Vdd and pin 10 (GAIN) and 0V to GND…

  • Reference input AD5686R

    What is refference current,, input range and input Impedance for VRef in if is used as input for externa reference voltage?

    In addition to considering the use of internal and external reference connected through the switch any as DG411 Ron 20ohm and…

  • AD5686R 3 lines control

    Sorry for primitive questons.

    I would like to use AD5686R by minimum control lines.
    FPGA controls only 3 pins ,SYNCb,SCLK,SDIN.
    Other lines will be fixed,LDACb = GND , RESETb = Vlogic, RSTSEL = GND, example.

    Could I have any comment or attention about…

  • AD5686R Voltage Ref Accuracy


    Can someone please assist with these three questions?

    We want to be able to adjust it for better accuracy, since the datasheet shows +/-2.5mV offset. Is it possible to use the Ref pin as a summing node so that we can inject a calibration voltage…

  • 关于AD5686R电源问题



  • AD5686R operation with GAIN=2


    Request your help to understand why the gain error is improving with Gain=2 compared to Gain=1?

    Also with Vref=2.5V & Gain=2, what should be the minimum VDD requirement to get output of 3V?

    I have seen Vref+1.5 as the minimum power supply required…

  • CONNECTION ERROR: AD5686R Evaluation Board was not detected

    SDP board(EVAL-SDP-CS1Z) is detected by both software and the led on SDP board blinks. But error AD5686R Evaluation Board(EVAL-AD5686RSDZ) was not detected appears after that.

    Tired 2 software;


    1. AD5684R Evaluation Software( CD came with EVAL-AD5686RSDZ…

  • AD5686R的输出有误差








  • AD5686R/AD5685R/AD5684R transfer function error?

    Revision C of the AD5686R/AD5685R/AD5684R datasheet shows the transfer function of the device as

    Vout = Vref * Gain * (D / (2^n))

    It then goes on to say that the valid code ranges are as follows:

    0 to 4,095 for the 12-bit device.

    0 to 16,383 for…

  • AD5686R的转换数据有误



    AD568X_SYNC= 0;   //片选信号
    AD568X_InternalVoltageReference(AD568X_INT_REF_OFF);    //使用外部参考电压
    AD568X_SYNC= 1;

    AD568X_SYNC= 0;