• RE: supply voltage vs. output/input voltage on DACs and ADCs

    Hi Jon,

    You can supply the device using a 4.8 V supply but you will be limited to 4.8 V at the output if using the internal reference and a gain of 2..

    If you are looking at using an external reference then please use the AD5686 and not the AD5686R…

  • RE: AD568x true DAC architecture

    Hi Michael.

    I understand your position but as for me I prefer that structure would be described as it is in reality. Some differences between two discussed structures may be observed in noise performance, modulation bandwidth code related effects, stability…

  • REF selection for mulch ch DACs like AD8656



    I have a question about AD5686 (4ch 16bit DAC).

    Could you let me know how should I think about REF selection.


    AD5686 is multi ch DAC but it doesn't have REF buffer inside.

    So, I am concerned that REF selection affects to accuracy of each…

  • RE: How to program AD5686R Evaluation Board SPI using arduino mega 2560?

    After trying to write to and update DAC n 0.49-0.52A but no change in DAC value although the SPI bits are shown

    Which DAC are you referring to? I suppose you are referring to AD5686R. all at 2.5V

    All DAC of AD5686R.

    I followed the steps to connect…

  • RE: AD5680 update anomalies


    What load conditions are you operating under? The Maximum settling time for the device is 85 microseconds assuming the line capacitance is less than 200pF and the resistance is more than 2kOhms. Could you provide a schematic we can take a look at…

  • AD5686R的转换数据有误



    AD568X_SYNC= 0;   //片选信号
    AD568X_InternalVoltageReference(AD568X_INT_REF_OFF);    //使用外部参考电压
    AD568X_SYNC= 1;

    AD568X_SYNC= 0;

  • AD5686R/AD5685R/AD5684R transfer function error?

    Revision C of the AD5686R/AD5685R/AD5684R datasheet shows the transfer function of the device as

    Vout = Vref * Gain * (D / (2^n))

    It then goes on to say that the valid code ranges are as follows:

    0 to 4,095 for the 12-bit device.

    0 to 16,383 for…

  • nanoDAC+ family


    AD5681R: Tiny 12-Bit SPI nanoDAC+, with ±1 LSB INL and 2 ppm/°C Reference

    AD5682R: Tiny 14-Bit SPI nanoDAC+, with ±2 LSB INL and 2 ppm/°C Reference

    AD5683: Tiny 16-Bit SPI nanoDAC+, with ±2 (16-Bit) LSB INL

  • RE: "Resetting" AD9361 from software?

    Should be fixed now with this commit:

    drivers/iio: Fix MODULE building · analogdevicesinc/linux@9a6fef6 · GitHub

    Thanks for pointing out.

    P.S. We always accept also patches


    michael@mhenneri-D04:~/devel/hdl/github-linux-build/linux$ make…

  • nanoDAC+ Family AD531x/AD568x/AD569x/AD567x FAQ

    Q1. What is new?

    A1. The nanoDAC+(TM) family offers improved analog performance in terms of INL and glitch energy specifications.. Some members of the family, those with a part number ending in 'R', for example AD5686R, include a  low drift…