• AD5686 SPI

    Hey all;

    This is my first discussion here at engineer zone:

    We are using the DAC AD5686 daisy chain mode to end with 32 channels for an application.

    I was wondering if between the DOUT of one DAC and the DIN of the other DAC a pulldown resistor is…

  • AD5686 output not updated.

    Dear all.

    I am using AD5686 DAC for audio output.

    It is working properly.

    However, in rare cases the DAC output is not updated and the output completely disappears.

    It only happens occasionally(about once in 1 to 2 weeks) and I can’t reproduce the problem…

  • Labview Code for AD5686


    I wanted to sweep the output of the AD5686 from zero to full scale, unfortunately the provided the software with the evaluation board can only process one code at a time.

    Is there a way that i can access the labview code of the evaluation software…

  • AD5686 problems with timing

    Hello, I'm Nikolai Ehrhardt from Germany,

    I got problems with the timing of the AD5686,

    I'm giving a falling flank on the Sync line, then the ATmega168 starts to transmit the dataword via USART in MSPIM beginning with 0011 for LDAC independant commands…

  • AD5686不能输出转换结果


  • REF selection for mulch ch DACs like AD8656



    I have a question about AD5686 (4ch 16bit DAC).

    Could you let me know how should I think about REF selection.


    AD5686 is multi ch DAC but it doesn't have REF buffer inside.

    So, I am concerned that REF selection affects to accuracy of each…

  • RE: EVAL-AD5689RSDZ user guide and evaluation software


  • How to compare settling times of DACs

    I am unsure how to compare the settling times of the AD5544 and the AD5686, due to the different way in which they were measured.

    The AD5544 goes from 0 to full scale then back to zero and has a settling time of 0.9us to plus/minus 0.1% full scale. The…

  • RE: Continuous playing with IIO subsystem DAC driver


    Unfortunately there is no driver support for continuous output for the AD5686 at the moment.

    - Lars

  • RE: AD5686R Voltage Ref Accuracy

    Hi there,

    The AD5686 is the best option here. We do not recommend a external voltage refreence with the AD5686R.