• RE: AD5620 or AD5640- Using Vfb to control the DAC output

    Hi Freddy,

    You need to close the opamp loop so, the answer is no.

    Say that, you can use the AD5683R....



  • RE: AD5660


    No, im sorry... the voltage reference requires higher extra headroom to operate properly... May I recommend the AD5683R as a substitute?



  • RE: What is nanoDAC+?


    Sorry but we do not have AD5983 product, do you mean AD5683R?

    Can you please create another question thread for this query? Thanks!



  • RE: Using the ADG715 as a step-attenuator

    Stephen, I ended up driving an ADA4700 with an AD5683R.  This combination provides precise setting of the output voltage.  In future we might use the step attenuator idea.  I appreciate your caution regarding resistance change with temperature.

  • RE: AD5683 SPI examples

    Hi Ivan,

    Is there any windows code example in C/C++, C# or VB showing how to talk to AD5683R via SPI or similar fashion? I would like to send commands to the board from my own software and change the output voltage.



  • RE: i'am looking for a 16bits DAC microcontroler compatible with a spi or i2c interface


    Can you explain more what a stall generator is doing?

    If you only want to generate an output ranges of 0V-5V and 0V-10V, then you can just use AD5683R which can output 0-2.5V and 0-5V (for a reference of 2.5V), then just an amplifier at the output…

  • AD5681R long-term Drift


    My customers are considering the AD5681R.
    So I got a question.

    Is there data on long-term stability of AD5681R?
    Especially, I want error data of the initial (about 100 hours) after turning on the power supply.

    I found the answer below but I'm happy…



    My customer is considering AD5310R.

    The AD5310R data sheet says “If SYNC is high after 16 falling clock edges occur, it is interpreted as a valid write and the first 16 bits are loaded to the input shift register.”
    However, SPI Command Operation…

  • RE: AD5641 evaluation


    Unfortunately, and as you have said, we do not have an evaluation board for this part. What you could do is:

    1. You can get another evaluation board of another part which has the same package as the AD5641. You may desolder the part then put on…
  • RE: high voltage current sink&source DAC

    Thanks for the hint with the AD5683R/AD5682R/AD5681R/AD5683, which are interestingly smaller than the AD5621 although both are LFCSP and the former has 8 instead of 6 pin (normally I would expect that same package type and more pins would mean bigger…