• Use AD5683R to adjust the voltage reference of AD9744


    I want to build a precision arbitrary waveform generator using AD9744 and AD5683R, where AD5683R is used to adjust the reference voltage of AD9744.

    1. I found that AD5683R is buffered DAC with internal precision 2.5V Vref, can the output of AD5683R…

  • RE: AD5683R VOUT problem

    Thank your Ivan,

    I was wrong, SCK polarity is falling edge.

    Best regards,

    Yongin Lee

  • RE: AD5683R External Reference


    thank you for your help.

    The AD5683 has a min order quantity of 3000 reel so i need the AD5683R which i get in 1000 reel....

    So i need to stick with the AD5683R.

    Is there a way i can be sure that my reference (ADR4540ARZ) with 4.096V and the internal…

  • RE: AD5683R SPI destruction


    Thanks for your thoughts.

    I never found the cause of the SPI bus destruction, but it was very likely an intermittent short to a rail.  I have +5, +12, +-15 and +-40 V exposed in various locations, and my proto is hand-wired.

    Since writing, I…

  • AD5683R SDO Pin location


    I am trying to interface with the AD5683R using SPI.

    SCLK, SYNC and SDI are visible on the board, but I am unsure as to which pin hole represents SDO.

    I am inexperienced in interfacing between modules so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Power-up sequence of AD5683R


    There are description about power-up sequence of AD5683R in the datasheet, P.26.

    What happen If I couldn't keep the power-up sequence?

    (The device will be broke or just the specification will change?)

    Is there another rule about power supply…

  • RE: AD5620 or AD5640- Using Vfb to control the DAC output

    Hi Freddy,

    You need to close the opamp loop so, the answer is no.

    Say that, you can use the AD5683R....



  • Default bits of PD0 and PD1 of AD5683R


    I use AD5683R.

    What is the default bits of PD0 and PD1 of this device?

    Best regards,


  • AD5683R internal Reference long term stability


    I not found on datasheet information about AD5683R internal reference long term stability.

    Interested about voltage deviations by day, month, year.

    I need it to decide using internal reference or external like REF192.

    REF192 datasheet have…

  • RE: AD5660


    No, im sorry... the voltage reference requires higher extra headroom to operate properly... May I recommend the AD5683R as a substitute?