• Correct SDP board to EVAL-AD5683R

    Hi Community!

    I'd like to make sure which SDP board is correct to use with EVAL-AD5683R. The EVAL-SDP-CB1Z or EVAL-SDP-CS1Z?


  • RE: AD5683R output is restricted .

    Hi lan,

    I'm sorry for the previous question. Our purchasing department purchased AD5683R as AD5683R-3. After replacing the correct chip, everything was normal. But I have another doubt now, does this DAC have a writing life? At present, the software…

  • AD5683R VOUT problem

    Anybody help me.

    I setted AD5683R from 0 to 65535 at command Write DAC and input register.

    The output voltage is from 1.25V to 2.5V.

    I don't know how to voltage output to 0 volt.

    Normal DAC minimum output was 0 Volt I know.

    I couldn't set output…

  • AD5683R SPI destruction

    +3.3V VDD
    AT90SAMG55 processor

    Mode 0 (oops!)

    I use the AD5683R (love the internal ref) to drive an ADA4700-1 (this amplifier then provides a precise, software-configurable +-40V dc to another circuit).  By the way, a closed loop, with an ADC, sets…

  • AD5683R SDO Pin location


    I am trying to interface with the AD5683R using SPI.

    SCLK, SYNC and SDI are visible on the board, but I am unsure as to which pin hole represents SDO.

    I am inexperienced in interfacing between modules so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • AD5683R internal Reference long term stability


    I not found on datasheet information about AD5683R internal reference long term stability.

    Interested about voltage deviations by day, month, year.

    I need it to decide using internal reference or external like REF192.

    REF192 datasheet have…

  • Use AD5683R to adjust the voltage reference of AD9744


    I want to build a precision arbitrary waveform generator using AD9744 and AD5683R, where AD5683R is used to adjust the reference voltage of AD9744.

    1. I found that AD5683R is buffered DAC with internal precision 2.5V Vref, can the output of AD5683R…

  • AD5683R External Reference


    i want to use an external reference on the AD5683R.

    Problem is, that the internal Reference ist active by default. What is the best way to connect an external reference without running into troubles. Will I need external switches? Can i just connect…

  • Power-up sequence of AD5683R


    There are description about power-up sequence of AD5683R in the datasheet, P.26.

    What happen If I couldn't keep the power-up sequence?

    (The device will be broke or just the specification will change?)

    Is there another rule about power supply…

  • Default bits of PD0 and PD1 of AD5683R


    I use AD5683R.

    What is the default bits of PD0 and PD1 of this device?

    Best regards,