• RE: Use AD5683R to adjust the voltage reference of AD9744

    But at 1.25V, 7k Ohm resistance of AD9744 would require 142mA, but the maximum driving current of AD5683R is 20mA, is it ok to drive the vref of AD9744 directly using AD5683R ? Do I need a AD8031 to buffer the output of AD5683R to AD9744?

  • RE: AD5683R External Reference


    thank you for your help.

    The AD5683 has a min order quantity of 3000 reel so i need the AD5683R which i get in 1000 reel....

    So i need to stick with the AD5683R.

    Is there a way i can be sure that my reference (ADR4540ARZ) with 4.096V and the internal…

  • RE: AD5683R SPI destruction


    Thanks for your thoughts.

    I never found the cause of the SPI bus destruction, but it was very likely an intermittent short to a rail.  I have +5, +12, +-15 and +-40 V exposed in various locations, and my proto is hand-wired.

    Since writing, I…

  • Power-up sequence of AD5683R


    There are description about power-up sequence of AD5683R in the datasheet, P.26.

    What happen If I couldn't keep the power-up sequence?

    (The device will be broke or just the specification will change?)

    Is there another rule about power supply…

  • AD5683R SDO Pin location


    I am trying to interface with the AD5683R using SPI.

    SCLK, SYNC and SDI are visible on the board, but I am unsure as to which pin hole represents SDO.

    I am inexperienced in interfacing between modules so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • RE: AD5620 or AD5640- Using Vfb to control the DAC output

    Hi Freddy,

    You need to close the opamp loop so, the answer is no.

    Say that, you can use the AD5683R....



  • Default bits of PD0 and PD1 of AD5683R


    I use AD5683R.

    What is the default bits of PD0 and PD1 of this device?

    Best regards,


  • AD5683R internal Reference long term stability


    I not found on datasheet information about AD5683R internal reference long term stability.

    Interested about voltage deviations by day, month, year.

    I need it to decide using internal reference or external like REF192.

    REF192 datasheet have…

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)


  • RE: AD5660


    No, im sorry... the voltage reference requires higher extra headroom to operate properly... May I recommend the AD5683R as a substitute?