• RE: AD5683 SPI examples

    Thanks for your advice. I would like to interface with the board and control the output voltage using external commands. My other simple option is to replace the CB1Z SDP-S carrier board with some other board with software API.


  • RE: AD5683 Headroom/Footroom Error

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  • 请问AD5683、AD5693输出2xVref时,需要VDD大于2xVref么?




  • AD5683 software reset


    Does it needed to wait after software reset to writing new value ?
    If it does, How long is the interval?

  • AD5683 VREF Decoupling

    Hello !

    I am using an external reference for the AD5683. The Datasheet in not clear for the VREF Pin as input.

    First of all, the VREF Pin is only marked as output Pin for the LFCSP package and the Pin description is only for the "R" types. In this case…

  • RE: AD


    One question though, why do you need an external reference for the AD5681R? Is the accuracy an issue? 

    The best case is to use a non "R" version. In this DAC family, onlyt the 16-bit AD5683 has a non-R variant (with no internal reference). If there…



    My customer is considering AD5310R.

    The AD5310R data sheet says “If SYNC is high after 16 falling clock edges occur, it is interpreted as a valid write and the first 16 bits are loaded to the input shift register.”
    However, SPI Command Operation…

  • nanoDAC+ family


    AD5681R: Tiny 12-Bit SPI nanoDAC+, with ±1 LSB INL and 2 ppm/°C Reference

    AD5682R: Tiny 14-Bit SPI nanoDAC+, with ±2 LSB INL and 2 ppm/°C Reference

    AD5683: Tiny 16-Bit SPI nanoDAC+, with ±2 (16-Bit) LSB INL

  • RE: Use AD5683R to adjust the voltage reference of AD9744

    Hi -

    The AD9744 Reference input can be driven from and external voltage source. The input resistance of the AD9744 reference input is 7k ohms. The voltage range is 0.1V to 1.25V. The bandwidth is 500khz. At 1.25V the AD5683 would be driving 148 microamps…

  • AD5683R SPI destruction

    +3.3V VDD
    AT90SAMG55 processor

    Mode 0 (oops!)

    I use the AD5683R (love the internal ref) to drive an ADA4700-1 (this amplifier then provides a precise, software-configurable +-40V dc to another circuit).  By the way, a closed loop, with an ADC, sets…