• AD5683 Headroom/Footroom Error


    About Figures 38 and 39 in the AD5683 data sheet,

    I understand that a headroom error appears in the source load current state and
    a footroom error appears in the sink load current state depending to the load current increase.

    In the Figure 38,…

  • AD5683 SPI examples

    I am using the AD5683 for the first time.  I am also new to SPI.  Are there any code examples for writing over the SPI bus?  Right now I am trying to write a simple test routine that will change the output voltage, wait 1 second and then change to another…

  • AD5683 VREF Decoupling

    Hello !

    I am using an external reference for the AD5683. The Datasheet in not clear for the VREF Pin as input.

    First of all, the VREF Pin is only marked as output Pin for the LFCSP package and the Pin description is only for the "R" types. In this case…

  • AD5683 software reset


    Does it needed to wait after software reset to writing new value ?
    If it does, How long is the interval?

  • 请问AD5683、AD5693输出2xVref时,需要VDD大于2xVref么?




  • RE: Use AD5683R to adjust the voltage reference of AD9744

    Hi -

    The AD9744 Reference input can be driven from and external voltage source. The input resistance of the AD9744 reference input is 7k ohms. The voltage range is 0.1V to 1.25V. The bandwidth is 500khz. At 1.25V the AD5683 would be driving 148 microamps…

  • I want develop my own "EV-ADUCM350-4WBCZ" board. Where I can find dimentions and positions of the J8 and J9? Can you send me footprin for this connectors?

    I have used EV-ADUCM350-4WBCZ with external 16 bit DAC (AD5683) and I want develop my own PCB with

    DAC and some other components on it.

  • RE: AD5683R External Reference


    You may use the AD5683 without reference... If you have already this device, you will see a short circuit at power-up, but both components should survive this transient.



  • AD5683R SPI destruction

    +3.3V VDD
    AT90SAMG55 processor

    Mode 0 (oops!)

    I use the AD5683R (love the internal ref) to drive an ADA4700-1 (this amplifier then provides a precise, software-configurable +-40V dc to another circuit).  By the way, a closed loop, with an ADC, sets…

  • About Tr/Tf specified value of the AD7685

    Hi, All.

    We are a design using the AD7685.

    To D / S Table 4. of the AD7685 does not have the provisions of the Rise / Fall time (Tr / Tf).

    Please tell us about the specified value of the Tr / Tf.

    The SPI Timing of such DAC There are provisions of…