• RE: AD5676R in TSSOP. Could not disable internal reference

    Solved. Reason was outside of AD5676R part. Internal reference disable capability in AD5676R in TSSOP package works.

  • Comment on AD5422_SPI daisy chain reading

    Is this true for the AD5676R as well that readback is not supported in daisy-chain mode?

  • What is the difference between AD5676 and AD5676R?

    What is the difference between AD5676 and AD5676R?

  • AD5676R的问题


    现在的问题是我在调试的时候发现Vout电压上不去,我这边给的VDD和Vlogic是3.3V,Vref电压2.5V,GAIN也是拉到Vlogic,应该来说我这个电路输出的幅度在0~5V之间,现在我调试的时候 ,把输出的幅度调整到5V,但测下来发现最高只有3.3V,3.3以下的电压都是正常的,固件这边,数字量给一半的数据也能显示2.5V,给满量程的数据就只有3.3V,能看看怎么回事吗?

  • AD5676R的SPI操作


             能否通过SPI口对AD5676 的8个通道进行连续操作,即同步信号(/SYNC)在写入8个通道寄存器时一直保持低,如:



  • AD5676 DAC to DAC Crosstalk Figure

    Question: Figure 46 on Rev B. of Datasheet of AD5672R/AD5676R.  What is the test condition for this figure?  One DAC change at a time and they are all compiled later?  Is this just one DAC changed once or multiple times?



  • RE: AD5672R/AD5676R reset duration is double specified on Datasheet?

    I answer by myself.

    Both are correct value.

    Page 6 mean Reset signal timing specification that necessary to recognize as a reset signal by AD5672R/AD5676R.

    Page 27 mean minimum time to complete Reset operation  (include internal analog circuit). This…

  • RE: help for the choice of the DA!!


    Do you really intend to create pulses going from 2V to a certain value, then back to 2V?

    What is the application of this circuit?

    You may consider using AD5676R which has 8 channels and can output 0 to 5V using a gain of 2.

    However, the fastest update…

  • RE: Sine wave generation

    to add to what msamera said, you can get a better quality sinewave by adding more data points per period. This obviously requires writing more data to the DAC channels. The AD5628 and AD5668 are similar to the AD5629 and AD5669 but have an SPI interface…

  • RE: Audio Codec 16-24 bit six output Vs six 16bit DAC


    Apologies for the delay. You may want to take a look at AD5676R, an 8-channel 16-Bit nanoDAC+ with 2 ppm/°C reference, and the AD5668(older part) which is an octal, 16-Bit voltage output denseDAC With 5 ppm/°C on-chip reference. Also, CN-0182 uses…