• AD5676R


  • AD5676R的问题


    现在的问题是我在调试的时候发现Vout电压上不去,我这边给的VDD和Vlogic是3.3V,Vref电压2.5V,GAIN也是拉到Vlogic,应该来说我这个电路输出的幅度在0~5V之间,现在我调试的时候 ,把输出的幅度调整到5V,但测下来发现最高只有3.3V,3.3以下的电压都是正常的,固件这边,数字量给一半的数据也能显示2.5V,给满量程的数据就只有3.3V,能看看怎么回事吗?

  • AD5676R的SPI操作


             能否通过SPI口对AD5676 的8个通道进行连续操作,即同步信号(/SYNC)在写入8个通道寄存器时一直保持低,如:



  • AD5676R in TSSOP. Could not disable internal reference

    In my design I want to switch between internal and external reference for AD5676R. I use AD5676R in TSSOP package.

    I'm trying to send Internal Reference and Gain Setup Register with DB0 set to 1, but internal reference does not turn off. Vrefout output…

  • What is the difference between AD5676 and AD5676R?

    What is the difference between AD5676 and AD5676R?

  • AD5672R/AD5676R reset duration is double specified on Datasheet?


    About AD5672R/AD5676R,

    There seems double specification about reset duration on datasheet.

    Page 6, Timing Characteristic says RESET Minimum Pulse Width Low is 4.8 or 6.2 ns.

    On the other hand,

    Page 27, HARDWARE RESET says:

    It is necessary…

  • AD5676R内部基准电压源的问题?




    电路连接: Vdd=+5V,Vlogic=3.3V。

  • 8 channel, 16 bit DAC for synchronous 5kHz sine wave generation (AD5676R or AD5678R)

    I'm looking to build a multi-channel synchronous 5kHz sine wave generator to compliment a multi-channel ADC system (considering AD7606B). I'm also considering using a common reference). 

    Currently, in our single channel system, we clock out data…

  • Comment on AD5422_SPI daisy chain reading

    Is this true for the AD5676R as well that readback is not supported in daisy-chain mode?

  • Use ACE and EVAL-AD5676 to generate 5kHz sine wave?


    I have an EVAL-AD5676 with an AD5676R DAC. Is there a way, using ACE, to generate a waveform (e.g. 5kHz sine)?

    ACE allows me to generate a suitable vector table but I assumed that I could somehow use that to drive the DAC. Is this possible?