• AD5676 does not work.

    AD5676 does not work..

    Three AD5676 are attached. Operate with DCEN.

    The contents of 24-bit data are as follows.

    Command:Set up the DCEN register (daisy-chain enable)

    Address Bits:Selected Output DAC channel

    [0000 0000 0000…

  • AD5676 SPI readback


    We are already using the readback command successfully as per the data sheet instructions for a single operation.


    Send "1001" + (4 bit register address) + "0000000000000000" - read back command of specified register


  • RE: Use ACE and EVAL-AD5676 to generate 5kHz sine wave?

    Hallo there,

    I'm afraid we don't currently have support for waveform generation in ACE for the AD567x and related nanoDAC+ family.  The current version of the ACE nanoDAC+ can't make use of the vector generation output.

  • AD5676 cant update VOUT

    Now i use the AD5676 as compensation. i check the timing characteristics in the datasheet and use FPGA realize it. But the VOUT value cant be updated by changing the SDI's data.

    Below is the scheme and timing scope. (SCLK = 9.6MHz, the timing operation…

  • AD5676 SPI output


    I have a couple of questions concerning the above device.

    1.  We would like to drive the SCLK continuously in our application.

    Can you please confirm that the SYNC input internally gates the SCLK in the device?

    This is implied by the description but…

  • AD5676 Gain Error Drift

    Hi, Guys.

    Please advise  me the gain error drift of the AD5676.

    Best Regard.


  • 急需AD5676及AD7173驱动代码!!!



  • RE: AD5676 DAC not updating until a second command is sent

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • AD5676 Reset

    Would like to confirm that AD5676 reset pin is edge sensitive.  I understand the datasheet documents it.  Was hoping to use card power on reset to reset AD5676.



  • AD5676:software reset


    I have a question about software reset for AD5676.
    I sent "software reset"(0x6000) to AD5676, but the AD5676 did not move to reset condition.

    Please see the attached file.
    These waveforms are SPI communication between PC and AD5676.