• AD5672R Daisy chain not working


    I'm currently working on daisy chaining 2 AD5672R DACs together, I've sent in the command(1000 and DB0=1) to enable the daisy chain mode but it doesn't seem to be responding to the command. I've attached a snap of the chipscope signals and i believe…

  • RE: DAC update rate


    Thank you for your answer.

    Your advice is very useful to me.

    I have additional questions.



    It is described at AD5791 datasheet

            T17 : /SYNC rising edge to output response time(/LDAC tied low) (datasheet Rev.D table 4)

            Tsettle(Output Voltage…

  • The AD5672R output drive capability

    The AD5672R output drive capability is stated as 15mA max, is this source and sink or source only, I would like to be able to sink a small amount, <1mA, and would prefer not have to add additional buffers

  • Ad5672

    Hello, i have a problem... We have a card that we use it with the ad5672 and everything work fine. I took the design and put it in my card and the ad5672 not respond, i have the same firmware on both cards. 

    The only difference is i put 3.3v on both VDD…

  • AD5672R: Command 0011 unclear / inconsistent

    Dear Madam or Sir,

    I try to use the 0011 command of the AD5672R. I'm not sure about what it does.

    According to table 16 of the data sheet I would expect, that the input register and dac channel addressed by the address field (DB16 to DB19) get written…

  • AD5676 DAC to DAC Crosstalk Figure

    Question: Figure 46 on Rev B. of Datasheet of AD5672R/AD5676R.  What is the test condition for this figure?  One DAC change at a time and they are all compiled later?  Is this just one DAC changed once or multiple times?



  • AD5672r没有输出

    使用STM32F103的SPI驱动AD5672r,始终没有输出,用示波器测试时钟(sclk)和SDI波形如下图,程序固定向2通道发送0x00f3,命令是0011, 即“写入并更新DAC通道”,24位命令字为,0011 0001 0000 1111 0011 0000,从波形上看没有问题,但


  • RE: AD5672R/AD5676R reset duration is double specified on Datasheet?

    I answer by myself.

    Both are correct value.

    Page 6 mean Reset signal timing specification that necessary to recognize as a reset signal by AD5672R/AD5676R.

    Page 27 mean minimum time to complete Reset operation  (include internal analog circuit). This…

  • RE: 有奖分享:2017那些与ADI一起“芯动”时刻


    我所负责的部分,主要用了AD9957 DDS芯片来实现激励信号的产生,驱动AD9957采用的是FPGA+STM32这个框架,参考电路当然是官方评估板的图。利用AD7606采集了几路调理之后的信号,还利用AD5672R输出电压来进行功率控制。到了第二版追加了音频信号的采集,自己选了个AD7612。千辛万苦把这个系统搞了起来,实现了预期的功能,还有很多待优化的,结果项目下马了,几个月心血付之东流。毕竟这东西从原理图到PCB…

  • RE: What is nanoDAC+?

    Single, Dual and Octal versions have been added to the nanoDAC+ family...

    AD5681R: Tiny 12-Bit SPI nanoDAC+, with ±1 LSB INL and 2 ppm/°C Reference

    AD5682R: Tiny 14-Bit SPI nanoDAC+, with ±2 LSB INL and 2 ppm/°C Reference

    AD5683: Tiny 16-Bit SPI…