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  • AD5663设计问题





      2、/SYNC置高(手动操作,使用IO口配置),之后/SYNC变低(手动操作,使用IO口配置),发POWER DOWN命令0X200001;


  • AD5663无故复位




                     AD5663R就是在小板上,小板上还有 ATmega16L、AD7705等;






  • AD5663 - How do I use it?

    I'm trying to initialize ad5663 but I get 0 volts on the exit.

    Here's my code that I use:

    GpioWrite(SPI_CS, true);
    GpioWrite(DAC_CLR, true);
    GpioWrite(DAC_LDAC, false);

    // cmd = 0b011          - write cmd of "Write to and update DAC channel n"
  • how do i use the AD5663 Device?


    i am trying to use ad5663 device to control the output voltage.

    but i have a problem. it's not working .

    the output of the device is 0V. always.

    i did LDAC low, CLR high. control SYNC, DIN,SCLK

    Send Powerdown normal mode command. and write…

  • 21489 SPI Interface to AD5663- SPI Frame Delay

    I'm using the 21489 as SPI master to communicate with the AD5663 ADC chip.

    The AD5663 chip requires a frame holdoff of 2us between SPI transactions for acquisitions. Is it possible for me to use the STDC field in SPIBAUD and the WTWDEN in SPICTL…

  • Controlling an AD5663 with a BF547's SPI Bus

    I need to control an AD5663 with a BF547's SPI bus. I have seen in the Hardware Reference manual and also the adi_spi_int that this spi bus can send words sizes of either 8 or 16 bits. I have seen this reflected in the ADI_SPI_CMD_SET_WORD_SIZE command…

  • Connecting the output of AD5663 to ADRF6520 will produce Gibbs effect. How to eliminate this effect?

    Connecting the output of AD5663 to ADRF6520 will produce Gibbs effect. How to eliminate this effect?
    Existing problems:
             When the output change range of AD5663 is large, such as from 0.2V to 1.2V, or 1.2V to 0.2V, the voltage output pin of AD5663 will…

  • AD5752 SPORT usage


    I'm wondering if it's possible to hook the AD5752 via SPORT to the BF592 as described in the Datasheet of the AD5663:

    (Blackfin- Master, AD5752 Slave)

    BF53x                      AD5663

    TFSO ------------------/sync



  • AD5563 does not start up correctly



    I have a problem that AD5663 can not start up correctly. The start up fails once or twice every 10 times power up.

    In that case, output form the AD5663 is about 0.2V and does not change even tough applying any command and power up command. Please…