• AD5662 Vout

    Please teach me about AD5662.

    Vout=Vref * (D/65,536)

    In this value, what gain is output buffer amplifier?

    I think that the gain=2  when Vfb pin is connected with Vout pin.

    Which is the output in that case  0- Vref or 0-2Vref ?

    Thank you.

  • RE: AD5662 starting sequence

    Hi ,

    I am not sure where you got those commands, as the first 6 bits of AD5662 are don't cares.

    To write to the DAC register, PD1:PD0 should be 0b00 then followed by the 16 bit data bits equivalent to the DAC output value desired. Let me know…

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    The Output buffer of the AD5662 is specified Output Voltage Range in the
    datasheet (Rev A 12_2010) from 0 to Vdd. In my single Supply System (Vdd=5V) I
    cannot reach the GND (all "0") nor the Vdd (all "1") loaded into the DAC.…
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm using EVAL-AD5662/AD5660/AD5640/AD5620 and have AD5660 as my DAC and I noticed that there are grounding problems to the AGND and DGND pins of the evaluation board. It is said in the datasheet of the evaluation board that the analog GND…

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    For low power application that requires RRIO and greater than 5V supply, I would recommend the AD8657 due to its low supply current of 22 uA per amplifier. The AD8657 is a 18V, micropower, rail-to-rail RRIO amplifier optimized for low power and wide operating…

  • Vdd2(Secondary side) question for ADuM1300 CN0064

    Dear Sir /Madam,


    Can we use your ADR02 as VDD2 of ADuM1300 due CN0064 reference circuit?

    Our customer choiced your ADuM1300 and AD5324,so he is studying now about VDD2.

    Your CN0064 show to use ADR02 Vref as power device.

    Bur your DAC on…

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    Hi all,

    I am currently evaluating EVAL-AD5660 and i am getting erroneous output in the GUI reading of the voltage. At full scale, I am getting a 2.75V reading but the device should only have a 2.5V full scale reading. (Vref = 1.249V).

    I have checked…

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