• AD5660: Can multiple AD5660 devices be updated simultaneously?

    Can multiple AD5660 devices be updated simultaneously?


    No, this is not possible with AD5660, You should use AD5542 or AD5570 as these
    devices have /LDAC pin to achieve this.

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    Can I use the AD5660 -3 digital to analog converter with 2.5v reference voltage, and 3.3v VDD voltage, to get a VOUT range of 0 to 3v?
    (The datasheet only presents 2 design options: 1.25v REF voltage with 3.3v VDD, and a 2.5V REF voltage with 5v VDD…

  • EVAL-AD5662/AD5660/AD5640/AD5620

    Hi everyone!

    I'm using EVAL-AD5662/AD5660/AD5640/AD5620 and have AD5660 as my DAC and I noticed that there are grounding problems to the AGND and DGND pins of the evaluation board. It is said in the datasheet of the evaluation board that the analog GND…

  • 关于AD5660参考电压

    AD5660CRMZ-3   5V供电   标称internal reference 2.495-2.505v       Vrefout实际输出电压2.46v   Vout初始输出2.47v  请问这是什么情况?

  • EVAL-AD5660: Source code of the included GUI and firmware

    Hi all,

    I am currently evaluating EVAL-AD5660 and i am getting erroneous output in the GUI reading of the voltage. At full scale, I am getting a 2.75V reading but the device should only have a 2.5V full scale reading. (Vref = 1.249V).

    I have checked…

  • AD5660 with Internal ref 1.25V 5ppm : Refout=2.5V 400ppm ?

    Good day!

    I'm examine two parties of AD5660ARJ-1 (about 20 units same kind) with SOT-23 packaging

    label D30 (AD5660ARJ-1) and D5G (AD5660ARJZ-1)  - both must have 1.25V internal reference,

    but at pin 2 they demonstrate 2.5V. At output pin, with…

  • AD5660 通过FPGA SPI控制,器件无响应

    通过FPGA产生SPI控制信号控制AD5660, 在片选信号为低不管是采用连续时钟还是门控时钟,芯片均无输出响应 ,试验过 10M时钟 ,6M时钟 ,4M时钟 ,片选内为低期间保持24个时钟或者27个 时钟都无响应 ,不知道哪里出问题了

  • 有没有精度高、温漂低、与AD5660引脚相同的DAC?


  • EVAL-AD5660EBZ source codes

    Hi,I am using EVAL-AD5660 but is getting an erroneous reading on full-scale voltage value. The GUI displays 2.75V at full-scale instead of 2.5V. Please be so kind to provide a copy of the source code for AD5660 software, also the firmware code of the…

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