• AD5641 evaluation

    There isn't an eval board for the AD5641 - what's the best EVB choice for evaluating this part?

  • IBIS model for AD5160 and AD5641

    where can I find the IBIS Model of  AD5160 and AD5641?

  • AD5641: What's the expected behavior when shorting DAC output to ground?

    What can I expect if the AD5641 output is shorted to ground?

    The datasheet shows a short circuit current of 15mA but no other references to this type of fault. 

  • AD5641 SPI communication with Arduino

    Hey everyone I have a problem communicating with a AD5641 DAC. I am making this project with Arduino UNO and I can't seem to figure out how to properly send data to the DAC. If someone can give me an example or explain how to send data to this DAC I'd…

  • AD5641 generating glitches in a sine wave with DC offset

    Hi all!

    I have an AD5641 running at 5V supply, controlled by a 3.3V SPI line at 20MHz clock rate. (30 MHz are allowed according to datasheet). A sum of a small 100kHz sine wave ( 20 to 40mV Vpp) and a DC offset has to be generated. A bigger signal at…

  • What amplifier would you recommend for a low power  4mA to 20 mA  current loop transmitter application?

    For low power application that requires RRIO and greater than 5V supply, I would recommend the AD8657 due to its low supply current of 22 uA per amplifier. The AD8657 is a 18V, micropower, rail-to-rail RRIO amplifier optimized for low power and wide operating…

  • [征文] IN118的基准源用AD的芯片,上面写着D6B,困饶我很久了 AD5312


  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找


  • RE: nanoDAC-What are nanoDACs?

    nanoDACs are a portfolio of products which combine small package, low power and low cost digital to analog conversion.

    nanoDACs are monotonic DACs which can be powered off a single 3V or 5V supply and are available in the industries smallest packages…

  • nanoDAC - Which DACs should be used for open loop systems and which DACs should be used in closed loop systems?

    It must be stressed that depending on the application performance requirements, all nanoDACs can be used in both open and closed loop systems.

    In an open loop application the DAC drives the load (a valve or an actuator, for example) directly while in…