• AD5624

    Can someone clarify where in the data sheet for this device (section Software Reset) where the command 110 is defined as software reset. Elsewhere in Table 7 Reset is defined as 101 and LDAC Register load is defined as 110.

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  • AD5624 Command 010 doesn't work

    Dear Sirs,

    We have a customer which is evaluating nano DAC AD5624. The engineer told that a command 010 which is reserved to Write to input register n and update all DACs(software LDAC) doesn't work properly.

    if the engineer writes and update each…

  • Is AD5624 a possible replacement for AD5324?

    We are looking at alternates for the AD5324 (mainly for cost reduction), and it seems that the AD5624 is a good candidate. Would the AD5624 be considered a very close replacement for the AD5324? The current DAC is used in a low speed correction loop with…

  • Exposed Pad in AD5664/AD5624

    Should the exposed pad on the LFCSP be connected to a voltage or left floating?

  • different voltages for vcc and vref for AD5624?

    Can the vdd and vref of AD5624 be of different voltages?.Like vcc/vdd be 3.3V and Vref be 5v.so that there is no need  for a volatge level shifter for the ic from 3.3v to 5v.

  • RE: Are there non-reference options available of the AD5664R and the AD5624R?

    Yes, The AD5624 and AD5664 are the non-reference options of the AD5624R and AD5664R.

  • 2011-01-19 06:02:35     Query regd ad5624r_spi.c operation. Is it jitter free?

    2011-01-19 06:02:35     Query regd ad5624r_spi.c operation. Is it jitter free?

    Ashish Gupta (INDIA)

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    We have a custom BF527 based processor platform and are curerntly selecting suiatble DAC chips for interfacing with Blackfin. We…

  • RE: ADL5375 noise floor

    Hi Dragan,

    You're welcome. Good to hear you were able to troubleshoot it to the baseband common mode voltages.

    In terms of baseband interface, the following are possibilities you might consider:

    1. Use differential output transmit DAC with common mode…
  • RE: nanoDAC-What are nanoDACs?

    nanoDACs are a portfolio of products which combine small package, low power and low cost digital to analog conversion.

    nanoDACs are monotonic DACs which can be powered off a single 3V or 5V supply and are available in the industries smallest packages…

  • nanoDAC - Which DACs should be used for open loop systems and which DACs should be used in closed loop systems?

    It must be stressed that depending on the application performance requirements, all nanoDACs can be used in both open and closed loop systems.

    In an open loop application the DAC drives the load (a valve or an actuator, for example) directly while in…