• AD5623R Reference


    I would like to use AD5623R.

    So, I have some questions about AD5623R reference.

    #1   When Vcc fluctuates, will the internal reference also fluctuate?

    #2 Is it necessary to handle voltage input from outside when using internal reference?
      Is it enough…

  • AD5623R CLR pin

    Does the nCLR pin of the AD5623R have an internal pull-up resistor? I see on
    your example board it seems you do not need to connect the CLR pin for normal
    (non-cleared) operation, and only pull the pin to ground if you need to clear.
  • AD5623R Driving Problem

    I made a AD5623R PCB board to output analog signals, but my drive code can't work all the time.Has anyone ever used it.Because there is little information about how to use it, I can't find out the problem.Please give me a STM32 driver and thank you very…

  • AD5623R Power-on Reset Circuit


    Please give me more information about the power-on reset circuit of AD5623R.

    1) What is the start Vdd voltage of power-on reset?
    2) Must it always be started up from 0 V for the power-on reset?
       Is there any requirements or margin?
    3) Is there other…

  • Marking of AD5623R BRMZ-3

    Hi to all,

    does any one know which marking is on the AD5623R BRMZ-3 or where I could find this information on the homepage?

    Thanks a lot

  • It questions on the AD5623R data sheet.


    "Transient currents of up to 100 mA will not cause SCR latch-up."(data sheet page 6 of AD7564.)

    Do it apply to AD5623R?

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  • With regards to SYNC timing

    With regards to SYNC pin for AD5623R, (A) timing is required for 15 ns and there is no specific timing for (B).

    What will happen if (A) is less then 15 ns  will DAC be active and react to SCLK and MOSI ment for Different device .

    Thanking you 


  • RE: AD8303JRU

    Hi Ben,

    The J suffix usually refers to industrial grade parts. These parts have a wider operating temperature range of -40C to 105C compared to the commercial grade which has a range from -40C to 85C. The part is now obsolete. You may want to look at…

  • RE: Synchronizing DDS with ADC for FFT


    I can offer youy a few options but suitability depends on the LED requirements.

    • You could use a DDS (like the AD9838 - single channel only) - and synchnoise multiple devices using the reset pin as shown in the AN-587 apps note. Different part…
  • RE: nanoDAC-What are nanoDACs?

    nanoDACs are a portfolio of products which combine small package, low power and low cost digital to analog conversion.

    nanoDACs are monotonic DACs which can be powered off a single 3V or 5V supply and are available in the industries smallest packages…