• RE: EVAL-AD5621 user's manual

    In the newest CD (Aug 2019) SW is inside.
    Eval-Board Manual (PDF) is not anymore.

    Also Eval Board Page (more important than CD) does not have the PDF, either.

  • AD5621 question


    What is the maximum frequency 3.3Vp-p sine wave that I can expect to generate with the AD5621?



  • AD5621 Offset Voltage

    The datasheet of the AD5621 states the following offset error range:
    typical value +/- 0.063 mV
    maximum +/- 10 mV

    As this is a very broad range I'd like to know under what conditions we have to
    expect the maximum value.
    In our application we use…

  • AD5621 SPI timing


    (First post, please go easy on me...)

    I have some questions about the SPI timing on the AD5621 DAC.  The background to this is that I would like to run the device at a high sample rate using back-to-back SPI transactions.  That is, the SPI should…

  • AD5621 minimum spi clock


    In my application I'm using a 12 bit DAC (AD5621). Because of the bad signal integrity of the SPI I cannot go higher than 12 KHz SPI Clock.

    Unfortunately the DAC does not chance his output value. It always stays at 0V. I'm asking myself if…

  • Wrong SPI description of the AD5621

    I have been fighting against the AD5621 and couldn't make it work, until I realise that the SPI description in the datasheet is wrong. It says everywhere that the SPI works latching on the falling edge of the clock, but it actually work on the rising…

  • AD5621 conversion rate VS output voltage setting time

    In website of RS, it says that the conversion rate of AD5621 is as high as 1.7MSPS.


    However, as is seen in the datasheet, the voltage setting time is 10us, which means that the maximum EFFECTIVE…

  • AD5621 changing voltage with step size of 64?


               I have been working with AD5621. I wrote the code and decided to test the ADC by measuring voltage for every single digital number fed in to it via SPI.

    But I am amazed to see that there is a consistent step size of 64. For example, when 3.3V is…

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  • RE: AD5621BKSZ


    I moved your question here in Precision DACs community. They will be able to help you with your query about AD5621.