• AD5620 Model Options

    i have a question about AD5620 Model Options.

    what difference between AD5620A..., AD5620B... and AD5620C...? Difference is only in relative accuracy between models (A the best?)

    next, AD5620-2-3 parts include an internal, 2.5 V, 5 ppm/°C reference,…

  • AD5620 Serial Interface Problem


    I'm using a AD5620 nana-DAC part. I have an intermittent failure. Sometimes the part does not respond to serial interface commands. The voltages remains at 0V even though I'm sending serial commands to it. If I cycle the power to the device, the problem…

  • AD5620 as amplitude control AD9834


    I have to do Sinus generator based on AD9834 with amplitude control AD5620.

    I have become Sinus on output of AD9834, but it looks like AD5620 doesn't work.

    I can not set output voltage of AD5620 wiht ATmega16, does not respond to SPI interfacing…

  • EVAL-AD5662/AD5660/AD5640/AD5620

    Hi everyone!

    I'm using EVAL-AD5662/AD5660/AD5640/AD5620 and have AD5660 as my DAC and I noticed that there are grounding problems to the AGND and DGND pins of the evaluation board. It is said in the datasheet of the evaluation board that the analog GND…

  • Low Ref on AD5620. Why?


    I measure voltage level on Vref pin. He is +2,483V. I changed supply voltage from + 5V to + 6V. Vref is const.

    In the datasheet specified tolerances Vref from +2,495V to +2,505V.

    Why value on an output is other than declared in datasheet?

  • zero code error and offset error of AD5620

    I am using AD5620, the expected Vout should be 0.8V according to the equation: Vout = 2 x Vrefout x (D/2^N), where D=1310, but I measured the Vout is around 0.84-0.85V. And I measured the zero code error is around 0.3V.

     I checked the datasheet where…

  • AD5620 or AD5640- Using Vfb to control the DAC output



    Using the AD5620 or AD5640 with Vref=1.25v.

    1- According to the datasheet Vref pin must be shorted with Vout and it gives a maximum output voltage of 2xVref with resolution of 2xVref/2^N.

    Question: Is there a possibility of connecting Vfb…

  • the adjustable amplitude of square wave generated by AD9834 and AD5620


    As we all know,the adjustable amplitude and frequency of sinusoidal wave can be controlled by combining AD9834 with AD5620. I want to know whether the amplitude of square wave generated by AD9834 and AD5620 also is adjustable. If not, can other method…

  • 关于AD9834和AD5620输出的方波幅值可调的问题


  • 关于AD9834和AD5620输出方波幅值可调与否的问题