• AD5620 Model Options

    i have a question about AD5620 Model Options.

    what difference between AD5620A..., AD5620B... and AD5620C...? Difference is only in relative accuracy between models (A the best?)

    next, AD5620-2-3 parts include an internal, 2.5 V, 5 ppm/°C reference,…

  • RE: AD9705 FS ADJ

    The REFIO is at 1.022V. We started with the vout of the AD5620 at zero or as close as it gets. It is at 16mv right now. We can change it over SPI. The FS ADJ just goes to whatever voltage we put out of AD5620. RSET is at 6.8k.

  • the adjustable amplitude of square wave generated by AD9834 and AD5620


    As we all know,the adjustable amplitude and frequency of sinusoidal wave can be controlled by combining AD9834 with AD5620. I want to know whether the amplitude of square wave generated by AD9834 and AD5620 also is adjustable. If not, can other method…

  • AD5620 as amplitude control AD9834


    I have to do Sinus generator based on AD9834 with amplitude control AD5620.

    I have become Sinus on output of AD9834, but it looks like AD5620 doesn't work.

    I can not set output voltage of AD5620 wiht ATmega16, does not respond to SPI interfacing…

  • AD5620BCPZ InternalReference


    I have a question AD5620.

    InternalReference of AD5620BCPZ-1500RL7 is 1.5V.
    Is this a mistake of 1.25V?

    Best Regards


  • Low Ref on AD5620. Why?


    I measure voltage level on Vref pin. He is +2,483V. I changed supply voltage from + 5V to + 6V. Vref is const.

    In the datasheet specified tolerances Vref from +2,495V to +2,505V.

    Why value on an output is other than declared in datasheet?

  • AD5620 Serial Interface Problem


    I'm using a AD5620 nana-DAC part. I have an intermittent failure. Sometimes the part does not respond to serial interface commands. The voltages remains at 0V even though I'm sending serial commands to it. If I cycle the power to the device, the problem…

  • 关于AD9834和AD5620输出的方波幅值可调的问题


  • 请教ADI工程师AD9834的有关问题






  • EVAL-AD5662/AD5660/AD5640/AD5620

    Hi everyone!

    I'm using EVAL-AD5662/AD5660/AD5640/AD5620 and have AD5660 as my DAC and I noticed that there are grounding problems to the AGND and DGND pins of the evaluation board. It is said in the datasheet of the evaluation board that the analog GND…