• AD5593R DAC initial commands

    Hallo everyone.

    I'm struggeling initializing the DAC of AD5593R. I'm using the recommended evaluation board, but sending the IC2 command different controler than recommended in the application sheet. Digital GND and analog GND are tied together. VDD and…

  • Regarding AD5593R based ADAC module


    We have procured AD5593R ADAC module from thingbits, India to use in our prototype.

    When we connect this AD5593R module to our master and using 4 ports as ADC and 4 ports as DAC. When we configure AD5593R with internal 2xVref and external power +Vcc…

  • AD5593r ADC returns only zeros

    I am unable to read the ADC in my AD5593r.  I can duplicate the steps of Figure 40 in the datasheet (sampling channels 0,1,2 instead of 0 & 7) but the output is always zero.

    1. Configure Channels 0,1,2 as ADC inputs byt writing to the ADC pin configuration…

  • AD5593R DAC setup question (gain = 2 mode)

    Hello All,

    I have two questions for DAC mode for AD5593R.


    Q1) Is it OK for setup below?

    VDD: 3.1V, VREF: 2.5V (Internal REF), 8-channels at the DAC mode

    DAC VOUT = 2 x VREF (DAC range select bit = 1)

    My customer got DAC VOUT Range is 0V to 2…

  • AD5593R Setting up the DAC

    Sorry for having to ask what might be obvious to others, but I find the data sheet on this part to be a bit obtuse.  My I2C address is set for 0x10 and there was no problem finding the AD5593.  I was then able (by luck) to quickly test the AD5593 by setting…

  • AD5592R / AD5593R Internal Temperature Sampling

    Hi there,

      0.  What do I need to write to the sequence register in order to sample the internal temperature channel?  Will 0x1100 do?

      1. The datasheet says "The accuracy of the temperature indicator, averaged over five samples,is typically 3°C."…

  • AD5593R Registers Returning Strange Values

    We are a group of students working on a project for our university. We have encountered some issue with the AD5593RBRUZ, which we wish to use as an A/D converter. It seems that every register we attempt to read from using I2C returns the sixteen bit word…

  • AD5593R Register setting about DAC Data Register

    Hello Support team,

    I'm DFAE in Japan. I received a question about the register setting of AD5593R. DAC address[D14:D12] of Table 17 are same as bits[D2:D0] of Table 16, right?

    Best regards,


  • AD5593R different address between documentation and reality

    Is there a newer document than the Data Sheet Rev. D availble?

    I was trying to contact the AD5593R over a Rasberry Pi.

    The address Pin was on high.

    The documentation says the slave address byte consist of  0  0  1  0  0  0  A0  R/W.

    In my case the address should…

  • I would like to interface with the AD5593R.

    I would like to interface with the AD5593R.
    I wonder whether 1 ~ 4 channels can be used as ADC function and 5 ~ 8 channels can be used as DAC function at the same time.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Thank you