• Table 27 Mislabled on AD5593R Datasheet

    Hi there, 

    I'm trying to write a simple script in python to exercise some of the hardware on the AD5593R for simple evaluation. 

    As I'm going through the datasheet (rev E), I'm looking at table 27 and it's labeled as the "LDAC Mode Register" This looks…

  • AD5593R and the Vlogic Pin

    Using the AD5593R and the Vlogic Pin is left floating, this seems to function appropriately. Can it be left floating? What will Vlogic be if left floating? 

  • AD5593r missing i2c stop bit in linux driver


    I am currently faceing with error by reading adc value from a stm32mp1 soc with linux 5.11 installed on it. 

     After a look in the driver reading procedure (//elixir.bootlin.com/linux/latest/source/drivers/iio/dac/ad5593r.c#L33)

    It looks like the stop…

  • AD5593R Chip ID

    Is there a Chip ID for the AD5593R that can be read back on the I2C Bus to ensure connectivity and bus functionality? i.e. Can I read a specific address at the location of the AD5593R on the I2C bus and it will respond with a specific identification?

  • RE: 精密转换器 AD5593R


  • AD5593R, VREF x2, 0-10 V


    I am using an AD5593R (module from Chinese vendor).

    I setup the module with external VREF = 5V, ADC range x 2 and DAC range x 2. I write to DAC0 linked to ADC4. I also measure VOUT with a multimeter from DAC 0 output:

    DAC0    VOUT   ADC4
    0 …
  • AD5593R SDA Shorting


    I have been using AD5593R for reading sensor values and sending voltages to actuators. Unfortunately, the chip is failing randomly . When I check the connection (I2C), I found SDA is shorting to GND (~300 Ohm), because of which, when we connect this…

  • RE: Is there a python libary to run AD5593R on python (Pi4)? Please find below my scetch to put maximum voltage on pin 0:


    It’s a device tree overlay for the driver in the 5.10 kernel version branch.

    There is no python example for the AD5593R, but you can use an example DAC interface to achieve the same thing:


  • AD5593R : Troubles reading an I/O set as an ADC

    Hello Community,

    I come to you today as I have some trouble reading the ADC value on the AD5593R (I have already managed to get a digital output working).

    I have to problems:

    - The value of the ADC is varying a lot for a fixed voltage

    - I'm trying to…