• AD5593R: ADC data register format for the Temperature result of the internal temperature sensor in AD5593R.

    Dear Experts,

    My customer asked us about the following question on AD5593R. Could you please reply to the following question?

    Q1: The ADC data register format in AD5593R has been specified on Table 20 of AD5593R datasheet as shown below:

    So, the…

  • AD5593R

    Dear Sir,

       Would you please help to provide the AD5593R's die temperature individual in ambient-40 and 85°C?

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  • AD5593R

    The channel resistor of this device is 25ohm. So when the sourcing current is 10mA, the voltage drop is 0.25V. At 1/2 scale the voltage output should be 1.25-0.25=1V but the curve does not show trace crossing the 1V/10mA point.

    Am I making some mistake…

  • AD5593R SDA Shorting


    I have been using AD5593R for reading sensor values and sending voltages to actuators. Unfortunately, the chip is failing randomly . When I check the connection (I2C), I found SDA is shorting to GND (~300 Ohm), because of which, when we connect this…

  • Regarding AD5593R

          What is the Maximum input voltage /Maximum output voltage supported by AD5593r. As per the datasheet VDD = 2.7v to 5.5v and if I want to use external Vref can be 1 to VDD volt. It is clear from the datasheet  that  ADC/DAC can work in either 0 to Vref…

  • AD5593R  DAC

    Dear  Support Team,

    I would like to use the DAC0  with the bellow settings via i2c interface but no success.

    First command: config the port







  • AD5593r- I2C connectivity

    I am trying to use the AD5593r driver provided at   https://wiki.analog.com/resources/tools-software/uc-drivers/ad5592r. However, I am unable to properly initialise the device driver. Would you be so kind to provide me with a code snipped to initialise the…

  • AD5593R - Protection of Multifunction IOs

    How can I protect the multifunction IOs of the AD5593R, when it is unpowered?

    The datasheet states: "Analog Input Voltage to GND: −0.3 V to VDD + 0.3 V".

    Can you provide an absolute maximum specification for the pin current, such that protection…

  • AD5593R I2C Timing

    Hello Support team,

    I'm DFAE in Japan. I received a question from my customer as for I2C timing about SCL and SDA. Is the following timing correct about the start condition? It is seems to not prescribed in I2C Bus specification.

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  • AD5593R DAC initial commands

    Hallo everyone.

    I'm struggeling initializing the DAC of AD5593R. I'm using the recommended evaluation board, but sending the IC2 command different controler than recommended in the application sheet. Digital GND and analog GND are tied together. VDD and…