• AD5592R Pull Down Tolerance

    I am planning to take advantage of the default 85k pull-down in the AD5592R, but I don't see any tolerance listed in the datasheet.  I know such tolerances can be quite high, so I want to make sure I factor enough margin into my analysis.  Does someone…


    Please teach me TEMPERATURE INDICATOR in AD5592R.

    I have confirmed the data sheet P25 (TEMPERATURE INDICATOR).
    There is the following description.
    The range of codes returned by the ADC when reading from the temperature indicator is approximately 645…

  • ad5592r配置问题


  • AD5592R a/d tolerance

    Been using the parts for years now. Vcc = 3.3V, Internal ref 2.5V.

    Have always interpreted the a/d accuracy of +-1%

    Looking at fig 14 histogram, and see the a/d value reads 3% high. But this fig is using external reference.

    Do we need to enlarge our tolerance…

  • AD5592R: 85k pull-down to GND mode


    We are using AD5592R in one of our design to provide general-purpose interfaces to the outside world from our IOT device. Recently we are struggling with one problem with understanding things concerning 85k pull-down to ground - unfortunately datasheet…

  • AD5592R / AD5593R Internal Temperature Sampling

    Hi there,

      0.  What do I need to write to the sequence register in order to sample the internal temperature channel?  Will 0x1100 do?

      1. The datasheet says "The accuracy of the temperature indicator, averaged over five samples,is typically 3°C."…

  • Reading AD5592R using python bindings results in segfault

    I'm trying to get an AD5592R running and have encountered some difficulty reading from the device. I believe I've got the device tree and kernel modules configured properly.

    $ iio_info
    Library version: 0.6 (git tag: db00cf9)
    IIO context…
  • AD5592R - what does the precharge function do?

    Hi there,

    from reading the AD5592 data sheet I understand what enabling the ADC buffer does. but there is also bit D9 in the GP control register that says "ADC buffer is used to precharge the ADC". The data sheet then refers to the ADC section…

  • AD5592R Tristate/Open drain/Pull down mode

    Our application needs to verify the tristate, open drain and pull down mode working of AD5592R. Open drain can be verified by connecting a pull up and LED circuit. Please help to validate the tristate mode of the chip. Also, is there any internal circuit…

  • AD5592R Conversion time, track time and SPI CLK freq.


    According to the AD5592R datasheet the Conversion time (tconv) is maximum 2us and the Track Time (ttrack) is minimum 500ns.

    If I understand this correct, this tells me the ADC needs maximum 2 us for a conversion. This is not a requirement for how…