• RE: AD5592R read volt

     1. Are you using an external Reference?

    2. Is there an external ADC driver?

    3. Which part is used in your case --  AD5592R or AD5592R-1?

    4. What are the configurations done on the device?

  • RE: AD5592r Sequence conversion mode

    How many AD5592R-1 units do you have? On how many units do you have observed such failures?

    Also, how did you receive these units?

    We need to retrieve some of these units to test at our facility to confirm whether the failure is genuine.

  • AD5592R Registers


    I'm assessing whether AD5592R could be used in an airborne unit, for SEU immune purpose, I was wondering are the registers of AD5592R flash-based or RAM-based?

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  • AD5592R

    AD5592R/AD5592R-1 FAQ


    Q1. What is the difference between the AD5592R and AD5592R-1?

    A1. The operation and performance of the DACs, ADCs and GPOIs in the AD5592R and AD5592R-1 is identical. The AD5592R is a true single supply device. There is one…

  • AD5592R


    I am using an AD5592R DAC but having trouble running the code. I have taken and tried both the C and Python scripts from your website but getting a response from the SPI is proving difficult. Any support or examples you could provide would be greatly…

  • AD5592R DAC output limit

    Pretty much know the answer, but I’ll ask anyway since the datasheet implies otherwise.

    First use of the AD5592R with one DAC output, two A/D inputs, and one GPIO used.

    Operating it at 3.3v since the SPI I/O coming from SN65LVDT41/14 LVDS SPI datalink…

  • AD5592R驱动


  • Question about ad5592r DAC output


    we are using Arduino UNO to control AD5592R, output a range of voltages. 

    We want to know how long it takes the DAC to set and achieve its output voltage.

    #include <libad5592r.h>
    ad5592r_t ad5592r;
    const int pin = PB0;
    void setup() {

  • AD5592R analog input/output range


    I'm a bit confused about the analog input/output range of the AD5592R.

    If I set Vref = 5V, and configure the ADC/DAC to 2xVref mode (set D4 and D5 of the general-purpose control register to 1), does it mean the chip is able to receive and output…

  • [AD5592R]Input Impedance value


    I would like to know AD5592R's input impedance value when I/O is configuration as an A\D input pin.

    There seems no information on Datasheet.

    Thank you for your help in advance.

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