• Question about ad5592r DAC output


    we are using Arduino UNO to control AD5592R, output a range of voltages. 

    We want to know how long it takes the DAC to set and achieve its output voltage.

    #include <libad5592r.h>
    ad5592r_t ad5592r;
    const int pin = PB0;
    void setup() {

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    I am using an AD5592R DAC but having trouble running the code. I have taken and tried both the C and Python scripts from your website but getting a response from the SPI is proving difficult. Any support or examples you could provide would be greatly…

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    AD5592R/AD5592R-1 FAQ


    Q1. What is the difference between the AD5592R and AD5592R-1?

    A1. The operation and performance of the DACs, ADCs and GPOIs in the AD5592R and AD5592R-1 is identical. The AD5592R is a true single supply device. There is one…

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    I'm assessing whether AD5592R could be used in an airborne unit, for SEU immune purpose, I was wondering are the registers of AD5592R flash-based or RAM-based?

    Thank you very much,


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    We are using AD5592R in one of our design to provide general-purpose interfaces to the outside world from our IOT device. Recently we are struggling with one problem with understanding things concerning 85k pull-down to ground - unfortunately datasheet…

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    Does any one use the AD5592r sequence conversion mode (or so called the burst mode)? I am experiencing some issues when use the sequence conversion mode. In general, it works fine but once a while, the AD5592r will send two consecutive channel 1 ADC value…

  • RE: AD5592R a/d tolerance

    Ah, so Vin itself was likely high. Ok

  • RE: [AD5592R]Input Impedance value

    Hello Sofue-san,

    I have attached a preliminary draft of the next revision of the data sheet. It contains information on how to calculate the input impedance of the ADC inputs. The impedance changes depending on a number of factors such as sample rate…

  • ad5592r驱动不支持linux4.1版本的内核