Hi ,

    I tried using google translate to understand your query. From there, it says that the AD5560 is being measured at rest. May I know more details about this specifically on what you meant by "at rest"? Additionally, I have other questions that needs…

  • AD5560 DUTGND voltage range


    DUTGND voltage range is specified -1V to +1V in Table1.

    When exceeding this voltage range with pull-up function disabled, is DUTGND clamped internally +1V or -1V?

    I would like to know whether AD5560 work normally or not when DUTGND exceeding the…

  • AD5560's Clamp Enable Input status.

    What is the status, high or low, of AD5560's Clamp Enable Input Pin( Pin No. is 14), when it floating(open)?

    I want to control the clamp enable(high) or disable(low) using by on/off switching.

  • AD5560 SPICE or LTSpice Model Support?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to check the kIck/Drop response of AD5560 datasheet. 

    Do I check with SPICE? Or can I check with LTspice? 

    I can't check my library in LTspice.

    ex. Datasheet Figure 35


  • AD5560功能问题



  • AD5560 package issue vs Temperature

    1.Temperarture scals issue with different package

    2.Pin1 issue

    Dear  ADI,

    We are now designing AD5560. For the package issue, we are confused about BGA and TQFP.

    As we read from datasheet, we think 3 hot points are shown in the BGA package. But the…

  • AD5560电源输出



            设置offset DAC的值为0,输出DAC的校准寄存器中,c寄存器为0x8000,m寄存器为0xFFFF,x1设置为0xFFFF,此时输出为14.1V左右。


            关闭钳位功能(clen pin下拉,同时配置reg2中的CLEN bit为0),输出仍然没有变化。


  • AD5560 Force Current Limit issue


    I am now testing the AD5560 Eval Borad. An external load is connected and test the output of the current. A current of about 300 mA  more is not output(less than 300mA Current output OK). The current clamp is not used and the measured value is…

  • AD5560中RAMP rate的计算?

    1、关于AD5560的FIN DAC(Vref=5V)为什么不是391uV而是381uV?

    1LSB=5V/65535 *5.125=391uV

    2、DS.中有一句计算方法“The fastest ramp rate is 0.775 V/μs (for a 5 V reference and an 833 kHz clock using a 2032 LSB step size and divider = 1).”

    我的理解ramp rate=2032LSBs*RCLK…

  • Behind the Kelvin alarm of AD5560

    Dear Sir or Madam

    A  phenomenon  is quite tricky about AD5560.

    A   10V  voltage had been applied to  pin F7 (SENSE) . while  the force output was only  3.6V ( setting 5V ). Generally ,the FORCE should be the same with SENSE . isn't it?

    So , what happened after…