• RE: AD5560 MEASOUT in Voltage mode drift

    For the Measure out voltage to drift, you would usually suspect the thermal considerations of the AD5560 or the thermal drift of the DUT side, this dependent on which is consuming more power or generating more heat. For us to help you I may need additional…

  • RE: Questions about changing the current range of AD5560 on operation


    I received your answers through CIC.ASIA.

    Thank you for your help.



    PS. And for your reference, I attach your answers in below.


  • RE: Why does  AD5560  not have "FI" function?

    Hi chenyao999,

    AD5560 can be configured for "FI" by design but is not cited on the datasheet due to its poor performance during operation. May I know what application are you developing with the AD5560?


    Alan K

  • AD5560_Die_Temp

    I input TSENSE of AD5560 from MEASOUT into ADC 7689, and int 21234 is returned.
    In the specification of AD5560,
    Die_Temp = (VMEASOUT (TSENSE) - 1.54) / 0.0047 + 25;
    Although it is written, how can we obtain the Celsius temperature
    Could you tell me

  • AD5560 ACCESS

    Dear Sir or Madam

    If only  the DVCC of AD5560   be supplied by 3.3V , refer to DGND .  Can I access the all the  registers ?

    For there is a phenomenon  ,  sometimes , if I disable the negative power rail which supplies AVss , HCAVss  of AD5560 . The registers…

  • Questions about GUI & parameters of AD5560 EVM Software


    My customer is trying to confirm the performance of AD5560 using ADI EVM.

    For this, they want to measure current values as changing voltage values.

    As changing voltage values, they will add additional load to be measured pin.

    For doing above…

  • There are terrible noise (sine wave) on the AD5560 FORCE OUTPUT while operating

    Hello , mates

    I have a strange terrible problem when operating my AD5560 board. Eight AD5560s are powered by a common -5V power rail ( LTM8027 )  , and each chip's HCAVDD powered by 10.5V  independently generated from LTM4622A . 

    Now when I force voltage…

  • AD5560_Shutdown


    I am using the AD5560 to measure the temperature by making a current of 500 mA.

    1: There is a channel which shuts down when measuring 500 mA at 1 Ω resistance and 0.5 V applied voltage.
    2: not shut down when measuring 500 mA with resistance 10…

  • 为什么AD5560芯片没有"FI"功能


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