• AD5560 无法输出负压

    我在调试 AD5560JSVUZ,测试调试:AVDD=12V,VSS=-6;HC_AVDD=8V;输出负压时始终被牵制在-0.8V左右,然后用万用表测量force和sense管脚,居然有对地二极管,这个是怎么回事?


  • RE: AD5560 MEASOUT issue

    Hi sir

         Have you solve the problem? We meet the problem too, the param is

         AVDD = 9V,AVSS = -9V;  FVMI;  5uA; gain 1; 

         The current is about 20 nA when the V is 3V ;

          When we set the output V to 3V; the measout pin need about 5s to  steady; 

          and when…

  • AD5560 MEASOUT,FVMI, Long time to wait

    Hi sir

     We meet a problem.

      We need a long time to wait the measout pin when FVMI; 

    The param is

    AVDD = 9V,AVSS = -9V; FVMI; 5uA;

    The current is about 20 nA when the V is 3V ;

    When we set the output V to 3V; the output reach 3V at once, but the measout…

  • AD5560 current consumption


       We meet an issue when we test AD5560 by below circuit. Attach picture is the test equipment.

       System control register 0x1 is set to 0001 0010 0000 0000

       DPS Register 1 0x2 is set to 1010 0010 0110 0000,

        And we change Current range bit [13:11…

  • AD5560 Grounding Question

    I would like to confirm AD5560 layout for DGND pin and AGND pins. In datasheet, “Analog and digital sections are separated and confined to certain areas of the board”. 

    However, we study MT-031 (Grounding Data Converters and Solving the Mystery…


    Hi ,

    I tried using google translate to understand your query. From there, it says that the AD5560 is being measured at rest. May I know more details about this specifically on what you meant by "at rest"? Additionally, I have other questions that needs…

  • AD5560 0X8register question, load capacity


    I have two question need to help. 

    1) When writing 0V to register 0x8, the output will be 0.75V, and the output will be 0.75V more when writing different voltages (equal to a bias voltage of 0.75V added). How to solve this situation ?

    2) During debugging…

  • AD5560: How I understand the letter N of FNMV ?


     How I understand the letter N of FNMV  in AD5560 datasheet ?

     Can I do FIMV, that is force a constant current to measure voltage ?

  • Behind the Kelvin alarm of AD5560

    Dear Sir or Madam

    A  phenomenon  is quite tricky about AD5560.

    A   10V  voltage had been applied to  pin F7 (SENSE) . while  the force output was only  3.6V ( setting 5V ). Generally ,the FORCE should be the same with SENSE . isn't it?

    So , what happened after…

  • About AD5560 output

    Dear Sir or Madam 

    Can AD5560 sink current while forcing a positive voltage  , in such as FVMI mode  ?

    sincerely ,

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