• AD5560: Gang Mode

    For Master FV and Slave FV ganging mode, what should be considered in its implementation?

    As stated in the Datasheet, “For current to be shared equally, there must be good matching between each of the paths to the DUT”. Current should be shared equally…

  • AD5560: Power Supply

    What is the detailed Power Supply Sequencing of AD5560?

    AD5560 Power Supply Sequencing:  AVss -> AVdd -> HCAVss -> HCAVdd -> DVcc


    It is considered a good engineering practice to always supply power from the most negative up to the most…

  • AD5560: Settling Time and Bandwidth

    What are the factors that affect settling time?

    There are two main factors that affect the settling time. First is the capacitance in the load (DUT). The larger the capacitance in the DUT, the longer the forced voltage takes to settle. The second factor…

  • AD5560: Stability and Compensation

    Will ganging mode help the DPS system accommodate >160uF load capacitance?

    No. The main loop is still controlled by the Master unit and will still obey its own compensation specifications.

    How can an AD5560 drive a DUT load that has a capacitance…

  • AD5560 FAQs


    Settling Time and Bandwidth

    Gang Mode

    Stability and Compensation

    Power Supply

    Other FAQs

  • AD5560: Other FAQs

    When the /RESET pin is set to low level, SENSE PIN of AD5560 would consume about 2uA current. Will cause errors in system. How to optimize this error?

    As the AD5560 is in a pre-POR state because the /RESET is still deasserted, the internals of the chip…

  • Maximum Number of Connections in AD5560

    in datasheet P32
    ”master in FV Mode, Slaves in Force Current (FI) Mode”
    Fig 55
    I am considering.
    If possible, I would like to connect more than 100 devices (output current of 100A or more).

    Q1: Is there a maximum number of connections?

    Q2: When…

  • AD5560,FVMI,5uA,it need 10s to stability。


              AD5560,FVMI,5uA,it need about 10s to stability。


              For example: we set 1V, and the load R is 1M ohm,so the current shoud be 1000nA,

              例如:设置1V输出,负载为1M欧姆电阻,电流应该是 1000nA.

              We convent the voltage of measout…

  • AD5560 无法输出负压

    我在调试 AD5560JSVUZ,测试调试:AVDD=12V,VSS=-6;HC_AVDD=8V;输出负压时始终被牵制在-0.8V左右,然后用万用表测量force和sense管脚,居然有对地二极管,这个是怎么回事?


  • RE: AD5560 MEASOUT issue

    Hi sir

         Have you solve the problem? We meet the problem too, the param is

         AVDD = 9V,AVSS = -9V;  FVMI;  5uA; gain 1; 

         The current is about 20 nA when the V is 3V ;

          When we set the output V to 3V; the measout pin need about 5s to  steady; 

          and when…