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  • RE: Looking for Serial 16 bit Multiplying DAC, AC Reference


    I would suggest you to use AD5546 as it has the four quadrant resistors integrated on the chip. Are there any challenges you experienced with AD5546? 



  • RE: Parallel DAC with High Voltage Output (+18V)

    The AD5546 is one part that might be worth looking at.

  • AD5546 with SDP-B LabView source?


    I'm using the AD5546 with the SDP-B and would like to write my own LabView software to control the output automatically (ramp up/down at will). Is the LabView source for the provided AD5546 software available? Or some way to call the software from…

  • RE: AD7840: no RC network shown in datasheet for LDAC pin permanently low.Please show the right fig in Fig 19


    You may want to check out the AD5546/AD5556. It can be used in parallel mode similar to the AD7840.



  • AD5272 with SDP-CB1Z Labview source

    Hello everyone, I'm using EVAL-AD5272 with SDP-B and i would like to write my own software to set cycle to send the value of the resistor in chosen period of time. I've looked through "AD5546 with SDP-B LabView source?" but in AD5546 is used…

  • AD5546: reference input circuit

    If the reference input is an AC signal as stated below in figure1 and I still
    would like a bipolar output, but I don't use the U2A OP2177, and float the R1A,
    ground the RCOMA, then apply AC signal directly to VREFA. Is this  connection…
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  • Harmonic performance of AD5546 DAC

    Hi. I am AD5546 DAC for output 36 KHz Sine wave. I am using this in four quadrant mode with ADR03 reference in line with data sheet. I have conversion frequency of 1152 KHz. So 32 samples per cycle. But its harmonics performance is poor, just 30 dBc.…

  • SDP-B with AD5546 documentation


    I am trying to write my own application for the SDP-B in C/ASM for use with the AD5546.

    I have VisualDSP++ and the ICE-100B emulator. So far, I have followed the instructions here: http://ez.analog.com/docs/DOC-1933 (the example code there does…