• AD5544: Bandwidth charts for code different than FFFF


    I need data about AC behavior of AD5544 but in the datasheet, picture 21 shows:

    * only data for AD5554 (14-bit) but I need that data for AD5544 (16-bit)

    * only for code 0xFFFF, but I'm interested in data for lower codes to be able to compare…

  • AD5544 Channel A Power-On-Reset Value is Incorrect


    I have two AD5544 DACs on my board, each with an independent SPI interface going to it. The board is configured such that all channels should start out at zero scale. When the board is powered up, I find that channel A starts up at full scale, whereas…

  • AD5544的18bit数据传输的问题


  • query regarding Electric characteristics of AD5544 current output DAC


    1. In the data sheet of AD5544 it was mentioned that the static performance parameters like INL, DNL, Full scale gain error are the values correspond to closed loop system using an external precision I-V converter amplifier (OP177).Would like to know…
  • AD5544 When data is renewed If LDAC is Low

    If LDAC is Low(not use double-buffered data is not needed),Is the timing by which data is renewed when a CS terminal was H?

  • AD5544数据手册貌似有错误   求大神给出意见!!!

    在使用AD5544过程中,按照AD5544数据手册(Rev.F|Page 19 of 28)里边的应用信息,如图,但经过实验无法实现四象限乘法应用功能:放大器A2的接法有错误,应该把A2的同相输入端接RFBX经过5K电阻的输出(也就是A1的输出接5K电阻然后街道A2同相输入端),而不是接地。





  • 用AD5544实现数模转换,UG-285评估板怎么使用


  • How to compare settling times of DACs

    I am unsure how to compare the settling times of the AD5544 and the AD5686, due to the different way in which they were measured.

    The AD5544 goes from 0 to full scale then back to zero and has a settling time of 0.9us to plus/minus 0.1% full scale. The…

  • 用DAC实现uA级电流输出的控制


  • RE: Looking for Serial 16 bit Multiplying DAC, AC Reference


    You may want to check out AD5544 and AD5543 as they are 16-bit MDACs with serial interface, though they just don't have integrated 4-quadrant resistors.