• AD5544 Single Supply Operation

    The AD5544 is recomended for single supple operation. However the recomended configuration uses an inverting mode op-amp to do the I to V conversion, which means that a negative rail is required for the op-amp; there goes the single supply operation.…

  • AD5544 DAC Register Readback


    I am using SPI interface to program AD5544 quad dac in my application.  Is it possible to readback DACx register by providing just 18 clock cycles?  Lets say i have programmed channel A at time t seconds. I want to read back channel A data at t+5 seconds…

  • AD5544 Settling Time Question

    I am trying to compare the AD5544 current mode DAC to the AD5686 voltage mode DAC and I was needing some help understanding the settling time for the AD5544. For the AD5544 the output voltage settling time is 0.9us to plus/minus 0.1% of full scale, with…

  • AD5544 ”GND" PIN

    ABSOLUTTE Table show GND PIN.But,

    There is no PIN of the name as the "GND".

    Is this "DGND"?

  • AD5544 supply voltage range

    The AD5544 data sheet Rev H (2015) says "designed to operate from a 2.7 V to 5.5 V supply range" and ths is repeated in some other places.

    But Table 4. Pin Function Descriptions on page 9 says ( pin 7 = VDD):

    "Positive Power Supply Input.…

  • AD5544: Long term drift over time

    I need Long Term Stability parameter for the following DAC's :


    The long term drift over time is included in the max and min specifications of
    the part. For example, we guarantee that the full-scale gain error of the…

  • AD5544 four quadrant application

    The data sheet AD5544_AD5554.pdf Rev.H shows on page 20 how to build a four quadrant multilpying DAC by adding two operational amplifiers.

    There are some issues in this part of the data sheet:

    - discard the reference circuit AD588, this is the analog…

  • AD5544 - Temperature Drift of Resistors


    I'd like to generate a DAC output voltage that is greater than the reference voltage I provide to the DAC. Referencing figure 22 of the datasheet, I believe I can do so by adding an external resistor in series with Rfbx that increases the gain of…

  • AD5544 sporadic zero output spike

    Hello to anyone!

    I am using 5 AD5544 DACs to get a total of 20 16-bit channels.


    The analog output configuration is set for +/-10V similar to the description in the datasheet.

    The DACs SPIs are connected in parallel with their CLK, /CS, /LDAC…

  • AD5544 with AGNDx 1V above DGND?



    I planned to use the 4ch 16bit MDAC in a single supply environment (5V) to operate on an analog signal that is relative to a 1V reference. I thought I can connect the AGNDx pinx of the AD5544 to this 1V, DGND and VSS to GND, and VSS to 5V. The…