• PCB question of AD5543

    Hello everyone:

    There is a qusetion about 16 Bits DAC AD5543.It is described that "The PCB metal traces between VREF and RFB must also be matched to minimize gain error"in the data sheet. So,how to do it?What should i do to make them matched…

  • Using AC reference with AD5543

    I'm planing to use an  AC signal (10Vp-p without DC bias) as Vref. But haven't seen any doc mentioned this. The most similar one is  "Multiplying DACs—AC-Arbitrary Reference Applications", but the 'AC references' mentioned in it's examples are all…

  • AD5543使用交流基准


  • AD5543输出有规律跳变




  • AD5543: Behaviour on signals shorter than 16bit

    Hello engineers!

    I'm planning to use the D/A converter AD5543/5553 to convert a 16bit position
    signal. In addition to this, I also want to send a 8bit signal to the uC on the
    same interface but the D/A should not react to this signals. Therefore…

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  • Waveform distortion encountered in the output of the AD5543 DAC.

    Waveform distortion encountered in the output of the AD5543 DAC. How can this signal be improved?

  • RE: What is the power on reset state of the AD5543?


    We experience some issues with this component.

    The power on reset behavior is not described in the datasheet and according to our tests, the AD5543 is in full scale state at power up.

    This behavior is unacceptable from our point of view (we…

  • 有关16位DAC,AD5543的 PCB布局布线问题


  • RE: LTC2000 FSADJ speed

    Thank you for your answer. Good to know that this may work. I did consider a multiplying DAC but unfortunately I was not able to find one that fits the requirement for the speed and resolution. The AD5543 comes closest to what I need but it does not match…