• AD5542A pin description

    I plan to use AD5542A (16 pin TSSOP) in my design. Now I find the pin description on its datasheet is not compatible with the schematic of its evaluation board (ad5542_ug). 

    Could you verify the pin description of AD5542A?

  • 关于AD5542A评估板的软件安装




    首先从贵公司网站 http://www.analog.com/en/products/digital-to-analog-converters/da-converters/ad5542a.html 下载AD5542A评估板的软件,如下图:


  • what is the writing format and transfer rates required for AD5542A d/a ic?

     SPI interface in AD5542A D/A IC

  • how to solve for the output voltage of AD5542A in bipolar mode with external buffer amp?

    AD5542A gives +-Vref as output range in bipolar mode. the external output amp used for obtaining bipolar output is ADA4622-4, which is having input offset voltage +-0.8 mV at 25 degree and open loop gain of 118 dB. the equation used for calculating bipolar…

  • How to access AD5542A in labview

    I'm using EVAL-AD5542A with SPD-B(EVAL-SDP-CB1Z) to generate different waveform signal. I can access the  specific DAC voltage in the Software GUI provided by ADI.

    However, I want to output a waveform with series specific voltage, and I prefer to use…

  • what is the advantage of using LDAC pin in AD5542A dac IC in terms of speed

    The aim is to design multi channel high speed digital to analog converter system. for this AD5542A dac IC is being used. requirement is to obtain max speed available in IC.

  • AD5542A having logic inputs of 0.8V to 2.4V. how to interface it with device having I/O voltages range of 1V to 1.8V.

    required to interface AD5542A D/A with xilinx's kintex utrascale FPGA 

  • Reference of AD5542A in bipolar mode

    Dear AD engineers,

    Could I ask if +5V/-5V is supported for AD5542A in bipolar mode? It is specified in datasheet everywhere that a 2.5V reference should be used, such as in page 8: Pin REF Connect this pin to an external 2.5 V reference.

    Thanks a lot…

  • 10 Lead LFCSP AD5542A is not having Vlogic pin on it which provide logic power supply in case of 16 pin IC, so what will be the VINH and VINL for 10 pin D/A IC?

    on page no. 6 of data sheet in timing characteristics it is mentioned that VINH=90% OF Vlogic AND VINL= 10% OF Vlogic.