• AD5541A output range


    I'd like to supply 5.00 V to both Vref and Vdd on a AD5541A DAC. According to the datasheet, this is ok.  It's convenient because the DAC's current draw is low and it will save a voltage regulator.  What will the output voltage range…

  • EVAL-AD5541A/42ASDZ evaluation software issue

    Recently we buy EVAL-SDP-CB1Z and EVAL-AD5541A/42ASDZ evaluation board, But when I run the evaluation software which provided by ADI I found that this software only support control simple value output, This can not fulfillment our requirements.

    I want…

  • EVAL-AD5541A/42ASDZ connection issue


    I have bought EVAL-AD5541A/42ASDZ and find out cannot connect to computer to evaluate.

    Is that EVAL-SDP-CB1Z is the missing part i needed to order?

    Do EVAL-SDP-CB1Z come with a necessary cable that i can connect to U10 of EVAL-AD5541A/42ASDZ…

  • AD5541A, LDAC and POR state,


    I have few questions related to AD5541A

    In AD5541A datasheet is stated that POR will reset DAC register to zero, but not SPI register.

    1. In case LDAC is permanently tied to GND, the output is guaranteed to be zero at power up?

    2. What is the POR…

  • Output Noise of AD5541A and AD5542A


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer asks a question about AD5541A and AD5542A. Comparing the output noise spec between AD5541A and AD5542A, AD5542A is better than AD5541A. Since AD5542A has RFB and RINV, I thought that the noise would be worse…

  • AD5541A glitches every 512 codes

    The AD5541A on our board is producing noise glitches at 512-code intervals.  To be specific, when stepped in increments of 32 DAC codes, starting at mid range (0x8000), we see noise glitches every 16 increments (e.g., at 0x8200, 0x8400, etc.).  I might…

  • AD5541/2 AD5541A/2A noise specification

    I'm looking for a very low noise 16 bit DAC and the AD5541A and AD5542A stand out with a 0.1 - 10Hz noise specification of only 0.134uV p-p. After a  few moments of reflection though, this seems hardly credible given the noise spectral density is specified…

  • Which reference should be used with the AD5541A/42A?

    Which reference should I choose to get the best performance from the AD5541A/42A?

  • .BIN file for CN0348 (AD5541A eval) EEPROM (24LC32A)

    I have a CN0348 eval board that mates with SDP-B board but isn't connecting.  I've discovered my EEPROM (24LC32A) is blank and need to load the data on the EEPROM to get the SDP-B board to connect to the daughter board.  Can anyone supply me with…

  • AD5541A的参考电压输入端电阻问题