• LTspice model for AD5541


    I have been searching online but I could not find an LTspice model for the AD5541; does it exist?


  • Req in AD5541

    Hi there,


    Im using an AD5541 and I am finding some problems figuring out how the R-2R is configured. Is there a way of obtaining the Req for a set configuration? Is this resistance linear??


    Thanks in advance

  • AD5541/2 AD5541A/2A noise specification

    I'm looking for a very low noise 16 bit DAC and the AD5541A and AD5542A stand out with a 0.1 - 10Hz noise specification of only 0.134uV p-p. After a  few moments of reflection though, this seems hardly credible given the noise spectral density is specified…

  • what is the real output range of AD5541?


    we are using AD5541 to output an adjustable drive voltage (0~5V) for another module, as the datasheet mentioned that the VREF range is 2.0~VDD, so we connected VREF and VDD together to 5V power rail. from the datasheet, we can see that the output range…

  • set up ad5541 support for imx6sx SOM (device tree)

    I need to set up an ad5541 IC connected to the system SPI bus using the device tree.

    According my current linux kernel (4.1.15) the IC is supported by the ad5446.c driver. I already checked the docu from AnalogDevices.


  • Handling LDAC for the AD5541 using the ad5446.c driver

    From looking at the Linux 4.15 kernel, it appears that the AD5541A DAC is controlled using the drivers/iio./dac/ad5446.c driver.  Looking through the source code, I see that I can handle the device using a standard SPI device.  What I don't see is any way…

  • What will happen with AD5541 if pull CS high before 16 bits data clocked in?

    As the tile, if I only clock in several bits (less than 16 bits) into the DAC, and pull CS high, what will happen? Will AD5541 abandon the data or just simply shift out several bits and appending the new ones, then load them into the DAC.

  • AD的技术专家们,我想知道AD5541数模转换器能够转换的信号带宽是多少,为什么芯片手册上没有,我用这款芯片10kHz的信号可以转换,而换成25kHz左右的信号却不能正常转换,这是怎么回事?


  • RE: AD5541A的参考电压输入端电阻问题

    AD5541的输入阻抗是随着代码而改变的, 所以你对 电流的理解是基本正确的。

    AD8628的作用是其输出阻抗很小,不会因为输出阻抗影响 AD5541的精度。

    IDD是指 电源消耗的电流,而不是 从电源地流出的电流

  • RE: Very low noise DAC

    Thanks for the reply.

    The AD5791 is 1.1uV i.e. much worse than AD5512
    The AD5541/AD5542 seem to also be a possible choice