• Example code for controlling the AD5535B

    Hi, I am using the AD5535BSDZ Eval Board with the SDP-CS1Z USB interface. I am able to set channel voltages using the provided evaluation software. Now I would like to send a squarewave (or other waveform) signal to the AD5535B. All the example code available…

  • AD5535B supply voltages and output stability

    The AD5535B data sheet, in the Specifications section, shows V+ =5.0V and AVCC=5.25V, but in the same table, VREF_IN shows a requirement that both of these voltages must be greater than VREF_IN  + 1.15V.  Can you resolve this contradiction?  With VREF IN…

  • Request recommended Voltage out DAC solution supporting +- 25V output range


    My customer want to use a DAC with voltage output for supplying voltage to target device on their tester,

    And they was used AD5532 to their old tester.

    But the spec. of target devices are changed , so they need new voltage output DAC supporting…

  • RE: Best slew rate/settling time currently achievable

    Many precision DAC's like AD5504 and AD5535B are tuned for high DC performance, not for settling time. The precision high voltage DAC slew rates are less than 10V/us, with settling times typically about 60us.  The high-speed current drive amp, ADA4870…

  • RE: 编程控制多通道转换器:多通道ADI开发板子(例如EVAL-AD5535BSDZ),如果不用你们提供的软件,是否支持自己用MATLAB或其他语言编写代码控制电压输出?


  • RE: problem running Eval-AD5535BSDZ and Eval-SDP-CS1Z

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for your reply.

    1. Yes I have followed the setup guide step by step. I checked the device manager after software installation and plugging usb to my computer and sdp. It does indicate that sdp works properly. Both LEDs of SDP are on.


  • RE: SDP-S DLL and/or LabVIEW Examples

    I installed the AD5535 Eval Software and I believe the DLL for the SDP-S was installed to the same folder as the evaluation software executable. For me it was C:\Program Files (x86)\AD5535B

    The DLL name was sdpApi1.dll

  • RE: Where is the cathode of EVAL-AD5535BSDZ's output voltage?

    And I chose your identified cathode as the cathode of output voltage V0-V31's cathode, the  measured value of output voltage V0-V31 is not the calculated value based formula of datasheet of AD5535B.  The formula is

  • RE: AD5535 and other Other models that meet the requirements

    Hi leixue,

    You can use the AD5535B as the LSB is 50V/65536= 3.05mV. you just want to be able to maximize the resolution as the minimum output range is 50V.

    Other solution that you can consider is using the AD5391 with a gain amplifier (G=4) at the outputs…

  • RE: What is the latest update to the EVAL-AD5535EB software and which version of Windows is it valid through?


    The AD5535 part is in Last Time Buy status. The AD5535B should be a good replacement for it. The EVAL-AD5535B should work on newer versions of Windows. The software is guaranteed to work on a PC running Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7…