• RE: Differences between AD5535 and AD5535B

    The AD5535B uses a new high voltage amplifier that doesn't need a -5V supply. L1 and L2 are not bonded internally so it will not harm the AD5535B if they are connected to -5V



    The AD5535B is an enhanced version of the AD5535.  It contains the same functionality of the AD5535.  An evaluation board, User Guide and Software for the AD5535B is available through the following link


  • RE: AD5535 and 32 V power supply

    Hello Pablo,

    First I recommend you look at the AD5535B which is an equivalent part. The minimum reference for the AD5535B is 1V and the outputs have a gain of 50 which would give you a 50V output range if you had a suitable power supply available. I…

  • RE: Prototyping with the AD5535B EVAL board

    Hi joshhg,

    • Unfortunately we don't have a labview code example for your application. The SDP-S is mainly used for ADI evaluation boards only.
    • There are examples in the AD5535B data sheet regarding its interfacing with microprocessors (page 12…
  • RE: What is the latest update to the EVAL-AD5535EB software and which version of Windows is it valid through?


    The AD5535 part is in Last Time Buy status. The AD5535B should be a good replacement for it. The EVAL-AD5535B should work on newer versions of Windows. The software is guaranteed to work on a PC running Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7…

  • RE: AD5535B driven capacity

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  • Example code for controlling the AD5535B

    Hi, I am using the AD5535BSDZ Eval Board with the SDP-CS1Z USB interface. I am able to set channel voltages using the provided evaluation software. Now I would like to send a squarewave (or other waveform) signal to the AD5535B. All the example code available…

  • AD5535B using all channels together

    Hi, I need an ADC for 200V but only one output.

    1. Adding output currents

    On the AD5535B each channel can drive: 550 µA, I wonder if is possible to use all together to supply more current? 0.55uA*32 = 17.6mA. I know that 550uA is the maximum, not reco…

  • RE: EVAL-AD5535BSDZ和SDP-H1 Controller Board板的使用


  • AD5535B channel-to-channel offsets and calibration?

    Working on a custom board with several AD5535B's driving an array of devices for testing, driving the chip in the 0-50V range (VREF=1.0 V).  With the chip in power-on-reset state and all channels zeroed, I observe a steady-state DC output voltage of…