• AD5522:FI nonlinearity


    VREF=5V, AVDD=12V, AVSS=-12V
    In the case of uncalibrated FI, it is found that the current error curve is not linear.
    The abscissa of the figure below is: the negative maximum value to the positive maximum current value, taking a point every 2%, (a total…

  • AD5522 for 50V3A output


      It is necessary to use AD5522 to design 50V/3A output. Is the following schematic diagram reasonable?  In particular, can EXTMEASILx be grounded?  Thank you  

  • AD5522 扩压扩流


       需要使用AD5522设计50V/3A输出的扩压扩流,下面这种原理图方式是否合理?尤其是EXTMEASILx 这个是否可以接地? 感谢

  • AD5522: Power Supply Rails

    I'm using the AD5522 with the following Supplies: AVDD = 13.5V, AVSS = -7V,
    DVCC = 3.3V, VREF = 5V. The device works fine, except the current measure unit.
    According the datasheet, the MEASOUT pin should have a center
    voltage of 2.25V, but…

  • SPI readback of AD5522

    We are using a SPI driver that uses byte sized transfers so it can only communicate in 8, 16, 24, 32 etc bits.  We appear to be able to write to the AD5522 correctly but the read is causing us some aggravation.  It appears to require a 29 bit write to set…

  • AD5522 clamp DAC

    Hi Team 麻烦咨询一下,AD5522评估板在使用过程中,

    FV模式,2mA电流档位,clamp current,发现钳位DAC(CLH)的设定值,与预期值有较大偏差,


  • AD5522 - external switch and high current amplifier to support 800mA

    Dear Sir,

    We would like to understand further for the High current Amplifier application.

    Refer to the datasheet if figure 47 (Page 31) , would like to set the Rsense : 1.24 ohm to support 800mA.

    Will following formula be applicable for High current,…

  • AD5522 FV模式电压设置问题

    使用AD5522 设置CH0的电压,修改OFFSET_DAC可以直接改变电压,但是修改DAC_M、DAC_C、DAC_X1是没有效果的(寄存器读写正常,设置的寄存器组也无误),将PMU模式从FV改成高阻再切回FV模式,电压也没有变化,请问大概是哪里出了问题

  • Ad5522 (the Gain Error and Offset Error post calibration or pre-calibration )

    Dear Sir,

    Would like to seek your advice to clarify about the Table 1 : Current and Measure Voltage Gain Error and Offset Error from the datasheet ( Page 6). 

    Are the Gain Error and Offset Error post calibration or pre-calibration ?

    Appreciate your advice…