• Issues with /SYNC going high unexpectedly

    Using the AD5453, what do I get in the output if /SYNC goes high before the 16th active clock edge?

  • How to change the control bits from active rising edge to falling edge.

    Loading the AD5453 DAC Control Bits C1C0=”11” and implementing the Clock data to shift register upon rising edge function, how can the part change again to latch data to falling edge?

  • RE: AD5553 Operating Temperature

    Hi John,

    Would you have any other specifications that you would need to take note of? Could you share what is your target application? Knowing these, we can pick DACs that will better suit the application that you have. I have made a list of DACs bel…

  • serial interface and input shift register in AD5452

    In page 5 of AD5450/AD5451/AD5452/AD5453 data sheet, Timing Diagramis shown and looks like data is loaded into input shift register in  MSB first manner.

    in the serial interface example in page 21-22, looks like data is loaded in LSB first manner and when…

  • EVAL-AD5443SDZ/EVAL-AD5446SDZ/EVAL-AD5453SDZ "Board ID EEPROM" Contents

    Looking to use the SDP-B for development of my application utulizing the AD545x.....

    Does the EPPROM shown on page 6 of UG-327 (EVAL-AD5443SDZ/EVAL-AD5446SDZ/EVAL-AD5453SDZ) have any contents? If yes, where can I get the hex file? It looks like I would…

  • What's the phase shift on the high bandwidth multiplying DACs and how is changing with code

    I'm planning to use a multiplying DAC e.g. AD5443 configured to provide a unipolar output and attenuate a Vref of 1MHz. Looking at the datasheet, the device bandwidth of 12MHz suggests that will be a phase shift between Vref and the output. I would like the…

  • [征文] IN118的基准源用AD的芯片,上面写着D6B,困饶我很久了 AD5312


  • ADI芯片辨识、型号查找


  • AD5553 Operating Temperature

    I see that the operating temperature of the AD5553 is -40 to 85C.  Is that air temperature around a mounted device on a standard board or is that case temperature?



    Hi John,

    The operating temperature ranges seen on the data sheets are…

  • RE: generation  sinusoid with help AD7538

    Hi Aleksei,

    I took a review at your application and we would like to ask you if you can consider using AD5453 as it is a newer multiplying DAC.

    Please see below for my answers to your questions:

    What is maximal settling time DAC AD7538 with AD8675…