• AD5452 vs. AD5453

    Is there any major difference besides the amount of bits loaded into these DACs? I'm currently testing a circuit that originally used the AD5452 with the AD5453 instead, and am not getting the correct output (the output range is .4-.6mV instead of 0-5…

  • LTSpice Simulation of AD5452

    Is there a way to simulate the AD5452 in LTSpice?

  • The BW of AD5452


        I am using the AD5452 to  modulate the amplitude of 12 V p-p SINE signal and triangular wave.But it cause severe distortion when the frequency is 1MHz,triangular wave is even worse.It is described that the BW is 12MHz with the +-3.5V signal in datasheet…

  • 关于DAC芯片AD5452的带宽问题




  • I can't control the DAC(AD5452) verilog code




    module DAC (clk1, sw, sclk, sync, sdin); input clk1; input  sw; output reg [0:0] sclk; output reg [0:0…

  • serial interface and input shift register in AD5452

    In page 5 of AD5450/AD5451/AD5452/AD5453 data sheet, Timing Diagramis shown and looks like data is loaded into input shift register in  MSB first manner.

    in the serial interface example in page 21-22, looks like data is loaded in LSB first manner and when…

  • AD5452 control hardcode problem(verilog)

    I can't control the DAC correctly. Could you help me?


    module DAC (clk1, sw, sclk, sync, sdin); input clk1; input  sw; output reg [0:0] sclk; output reg [0:0] sync; output reg [0:0] sdin; reg [15…

  • AD5452 50K W=0 but 64Ohm?

    Hallo, i use AD5254 50k for a simple Audio mixer. Instead of an analog Poti i set the AD5452.
    I wonder, because wenn i set the W on 0 i can hear a Little bit Audio, althoug B is set on GND.
    Now i measure a resistor of 64OHm between W and B, when set on…

  • High frequency noise at the output of a 4th order filter

    On a board, we have several identical channels of an analog signal generation chain. A single channel consists of an AD5452, followed by ADA4807-4. We use all 4 opamps on the ADA4807 package to construct a 4th order filter at a cutoff between 150-200khz…

  • RE: AD539

    Hi js

    Thanks for your response.

    We could not find any VGAs meeting our requirements. These are:

    -          Bandwidth 10kHz -> 10MHz

    -          Control-input must be analog (or at least 8bits if digital)

    -          We want to have a dynamic range of the signal to 40dB (x100…