• LTSpice Simulation of AD5452

    Is there a way to simulate the AD5452 in LTSpice?

  • The BW of AD5452


        I am using the AD5452 to  modulate the amplitude of 12 V p-p SINE signal and triangular wave.But it cause severe distortion when the frequency is 1MHz,triangular wave is even worse.It is described that the BW is 12MHz with the +-3.5V signal in datasheet…

  • AD5452 control hardcode problem(verilog)

    I can't control the DAC correctly. Could you help me?


    module DAC (clk1, sw, sclk, sync, sdin); input clk1; input  sw; output reg [0:0] sclk; output reg [0:0] sync; output reg [0:0] sdin; reg [15…

  • AD5452 50K W=0 but 64Ohm?

    Hallo, i use AD5254 50k for a simple Audio mixer. Instead of an analog Poti i set the AD5452.
    I wonder, because wenn i set the W on 0 i can hear a Little bit Audio, althoug B is set on GND.
    Now i measure a resistor of 64OHm between W and B, when set on…

  • I can't control the DAC(AD5452) verilog code




    module DAC (clk1, sw, sclk, sync, sdin); input clk1; input  sw; output reg [0:0] sclk; output reg [0:0…

  • serial interface and input shift register in AD5452

    In page 5 of AD5450/AD5451/AD5452/AD5453 data sheet, Timing Diagramis shown and looks like data is loaded into input shift register in  MSB first manner.

    in the serial interface example in page 21-22, looks like data is loaded in LSB first manner and when…

  • 关于DAC芯片AD5452的带宽问题




  • How would you explain that the 3rd harmonic is so high with the ADA4841 compared to the AD8065?

    My customer received the evaluation board at the beginning of the week and he performed several measures on it with the AD8065 mounted on the evaluation board and with the ADA4841.

    Here are the results:

    Fe = 384 kHz

    F = 95 kHz

    1) AD5452 + ADA4841…

  • RE: DDS:AD9833

    Hi Marriapan,

    Also have a look at the AD5452 - Figure 46 in the datasheet is a waveform conditioning stage. The resistors R2 and R1 can be selected to gain your AD9833 output to 10V. Then the DAC code can be changed to get your desired amplitude. The…

  • High frequency noise at the output of a 4th order filter

    On a board, we have several identical channels of an analog signal generation chain. A single channel consists of an AD5452, followed by ADA4807-4. We use all 4 opamps on the ADA4807 package to construct a 4th order filter at a cutoff between 150-200khz…