• Biased signal on AD5449

    I am attempting to generate an output signal biased at 6V with a swing of 2.4V (4.8V to 7.2V).  Since the datasheet for the AD5449 states that IOut2A and IOut2B "should typically be tied to the analog ground of the system, but it can be biased to…

  • AD5449 responds inconsistently

    I am working with a AD5449 DAC, interfaced with BF561 via SPORT1 on a custom board. I am facing an issue where the DAC fails to respond to the commands from the DSP.

    Failure when power on reset is not applied to the DAC

    void DacInit(void)
  • AD5449 : xCLR pin


    I have a question about xCLR pin of AD5449.

    I am developing the equipment now.

    The AD5449 is used for the equipment.

    I have tried the equipment electrostatic test.

    Then, the AD5449 doesn't operate.

    Maybe, I think it to be a latch-up.

  • AD5449 DAC output configuration

    I am wanting to know if the outputs of the AD5449 DAC can be used as a differential output, thus connecting the outputs to a differential amplifier to produce a non-inverting output.  Also, is there any resources available on designing the output of the…

  • AD5449 DAC output

    I am wanting to use the AD5449 in my design but have a couple questions. 

    1. If I understand the data sheet, the output is not buffered, and therefore an external op amp must be utilized. If so, can I not just use a balanced differential amplifier to get…
  • AD5449: Output noise spectral density

    My customer considers to replace AD7568 with AD5449. In their application the
    noise performance between 1Hz and 100Hz is very critical.

    The “Output Noise Spectral Density” they can cope with should be
    <20nV/sqrt(Hz)  @ 10Hz –100Hz…
  • AD5449 LDAC timing

    Hi all,

    In our application the DA-converter AD5449 is interfaced with the SPI controller of the i.MX31 processor.

    At initialization, the DAC is set up to: full SDO driver, standalone mode, CLR to zero scale, falling active clock edge.

    At serial data…

  • RE: AD5449 and STM32 SPI connection

    Hi Joaquin,

    AD5449 is compatible with SPI, QSPI, MICROWIRE, and most DSP interface standards, and since the maximum clock frequency is within AD5449's specs, so it should be compatible with you MCU. 

    Analog Devices has its own portfolio of ARM Cortex…

  • REF input of AD5449


    I want to use AD5449 in my design. The REF pin must be provided the external reference input, while the input resistance of REF pin is  11K ohm. The datasheet suggest to use ADR*** to generate the reference input, like ADR06(output current is 10mA…

  • AD5449 mixed mode DACloading query

    Can i mix and match the DAC loading protocol interface mode.


    No, do not  mix and match with different modes of operation. We advise to
    either use one or the other i.e.(SERIAL INTERFACE SPI mode) as defined in the
    datasheet rev.D . i…