• AD5443: Using SYNC as a Chip Select Pin

    Is it possible to use the SYNC pin of the AD5443 as chip select, when using
    more DACs on the same interface?


    Yes, that is possible. When using more then 1 DAC on the one interface, SYNC
    operates as both the Chip Select pin and also "frames" the…

  • 关于 AD5443的满量程电流

    AD5443满量程输出电流由所施加的外部基准输入电压VREF决定;Ref的电阻典型值 是10K  ;如果Vref=10V 满量程电流就是 1mA吗?  谢谢。

  • RE: Eval-AD5443/46/53sdz

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  • RE: What is the limit on biasing the AGND pin on the AD5443?

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  • AD5443 DAC buffering

    Hello- We plan to use eight AD5443 DACs to produce waveforms. The AD8034 op amp will be used to level shift the output. What is the recommendation in terms of buffering the reference voltage, given that there are 16 loads? Thanks and Best Regards, Tim…

  • RE: AD5443 Power on reset query

    I monitored the power rails at power down and they are < 100mV. The misbehavior happens more at low temperature -40C and it difficult for me to probe the IC at low temperature.

    I have since tested with the Texas Instruments DAC7811 and it does not…

  • [AD5443]Where can I find a schematic data of AD5443-DBRD?


    The customer would like to get AD5443-DBRD eval board schematic data before they purchase it.

    If you have, is it a possible to share with customer ?

    Thank you for your help in advance.

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