• AD5423 reference source code?

    Could I get a reference source code for AD5423?


  • AD5423 MCU驱动



  • AD5423 Output voltage jump


    I try to initialize AD5423. I send programming sequence to enable the output that described in datasheet. 

    When I enable output at the output of the chip ocurred voltage jump although the DAC_INPUT register is empty. 

    Could everyone to explane me…

  • AD5423 DAC zero scale

    Hello everyone!

    Can everyone explain me what is it zero-s cale DAC code that I should to write to DAC_INPUT register when I write initialization programming sequence?

  • output voltage noise of VLDO AD5423


    I'm wondering about output voltage noise value from VLDO pin of the AD5423? Can we use it to power a precision ADC and MCU?

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  • AD5423 always in fault


    We're trying to communicate with an AD5423 and after the first request, it is always showing a FAULT status.

    We've found a CRC-8 that matches the polynomial shown in here https://www.analog.com/media/en/analog-dialogue/volume-45/number-1/articles…

  • About AD5423 Evaluation Board

    My customers are considering using the AD5243 and evaluating it on the evaluation board.
    So I got a question.

    When considering the rheostat mode using B1 and W1, is it possible to open the jumper pins of the evaluation board A20 even if it is open?

  • 关于ad5423的疑问

    1. nLDAC硬件上是否可以直接接GND ?

    2. nSYNC 硬件上是否可以直接接GND,还是必须用IO口来控制 ? 

    3. 当有4片AD5423 的时候, 4片AD5423的nSYNC应该怎么处理, 是否应该分开接不同的IO口,还是连在一起用一个IO口控制即可?

  • RE: DAC-ADAD4523-Alim

     The PN DAC is "AD5423 "