• AD5422输出35mA

        在使用AD5422芯片Range范围4-20mA时,电流输出正常;但是,当产品工作环境非常恶劣(有电磁干扰)或者进行EMC试验过程中,AD5422会固定输出 35mA 的现象。  在Datasheet中并未提及AD5422芯片可以输出 35 mA的情况,请问这个  35mA 是什么原因引起的?  有哪些资料是针对出现 35mA 情况的说明么?

  • AD5422 Design queries

    Hi all,

    We are designing a new system with AD5422 . Our requirement is to support 4-20mA current output & +/- 10V voltage output.

    We are supplying +13V & -13V to AVdd & Avss respectively. We have some queries regarding the design.

    • We…
  • AD5422 Protection Diode

    Dear team:
    Consult Figure 82 in the AD5422 data sheet. How the Schottky diodes D2 and D1 are selected (can you give a recommendation)? Operating voltage is 24V. Here's what D2 and D1 do.

  • AD5422 Datasheet error?

    In the datasheet of the DAC AD5422/5412, page 11 the Absolute Maximum Rating for IOUT to GND says -0.3V...AVDD. However, in all examples (e.g. in Fig. 82) the IOUT is clamped against AVSS. Moreover, when the IOUT and the  VOUT pins are connected together…

  • AD5422 - Transient voltage protection


    we want to use the AD5422 in single supply mode (AVDD=17VDC) with voltage and current output on same terminal.

    There is a input protection example in the datasheet of the AD5422 (page 37, figure 76).

    Right at the input terminal we want to use…

  • AD5422: 3 pin SPI interface

    Regarding AD5422:

    Why does its SPI interface not have a chip select pin?

    There is a LATCH pin but it doesn't make the system SPI compatible.

    Without a chip select pin it impossible to use a device on a SPI bus together
  • AD5422, capacitive load



    We see following description in AD5422 datasheet Rev.I page.27.


    Driving Large Capacitive Loads

    The voltage output amplifier is capable of driving capacitive loads of up to 1 μF with the addition of a nonpolarized 4 nF compensation capacitor…

  • AD5422 'FAULT pin' problem



    We are using AD5422 DAC IC in an industrial control application and we are currently experience a problem with this particular IC.


    It is about the FAULT pin/function of the IC - pin 3 for the TSSOP-24 package, which we are using.


  • Questions about AD5422

    Hi there, I have some questions about AD5422.

    It would be helpful  if somebady helps me with my questions.

    #1,About Latch pin,

    I want to update writting datas (control register,  DAC data)  and want to reduce the  Latch control from MCU.

    So is it okay…

  • AD5422 incorrect output issues.


    We have been using the AD5422 DAC in a production board for over 4 years and recently have been experiencing a fault with around 10% of the boards. The fault affects Iout and Vout, for Iout it has a negative 4mA offset so the full range goes from…