• AD5422: HART compatability

    Would you tell if AD5420/2 are HART compatible now? Some customer will
    integrate HART in application. But now they only have AD421 to use. If we may
    also promote this part to meet HART compatible now?


    The AD5420 has passed the HART…
  • AD5422 Design queries

    Hi all,

    We are designing a new system with AD5422 . Our requirement is to support 4-20mA current output & +/- 10V voltage output.

    We are supplying +13V & -13V to AVdd & Avss respectively. We have some queries regarding the design.

    • We…
  • AD5422 Protection Diode

    Dear team:
    Consult Figure 82 in the AD5422 data sheet. How the Schottky diodes D2 and D1 are selected (can you give a recommendation)? Operating voltage is 24V. Here's what D2 and D1 do.

  • AD5422 Datasheet error?

    In the datasheet of the DAC AD5422/5412, page 11 the Absolute Maximum Rating for IOUT to GND says -0.3V...AVDD. However, in all examples (e.g. in Fig. 82) the IOUT is clamped against AVSS. Moreover, when the IOUT and the  VOUT pins are connected together…

  • AD5422 - Transient voltage protection


    we want to use the AD5422 in single supply mode (AVDD=17VDC) with voltage and current output on same terminal.

    There is a input protection example in the datasheet of the AD5422 (page 37, figure 76).

    Right at the input terminal we want to use…

  • AD5422 'FAULT pin' problem



    We are using AD5422 DAC IC in an industrial control application and we are currently experience a problem with this particular IC.


    It is about the FAULT pin/function of the IC - pin 3 for the TSSOP-24 package, which we are using.


  • AD5422: 3 pin SPI interface

    Regarding AD5422:

    Why does its SPI interface not have a chip select pin?

    There is a LATCH pin but it doesn't make the system SPI compatible.

    Without a chip select pin it impossible to use a device on a SPI bus together
  • AD5422, capacitive load



    We see following description in AD5422 datasheet Rev.I page.27.


    Driving Large Capacitive Loads

    The voltage output amplifier is capable of driving capacitive loads of up to 1 μF with the addition of a nonpolarized 4 nF compensation capacitor…

  • Questions about AD5422

    Hi there, I have some questions about AD5422.

    It would be helpful  if somebady helps me with my questions.

    #1,About Latch pin,

    I want to update writting datas (control register,  DAC data)  and want to reduce the  Latch control from MCU.

    So is it okay…

  • AD5422 incorrect output issues.


    We have been using the AD5422 DAC in a production board for over 4 years and recently have been experiencing a fault with around 10% of the boards. The fault affects Iout and Vout, for Iout it has a negative 4mA offset so the full range goes from…